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'Jane By Design' Recap: Jane & Billy Struggle To Define Their Relationship

Tue, June 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT by Andy Swift 8 Comments

Plus, a handsome new face turns Jane’s world upside down. God, I’ve missed this show!

Two months have passed since Billy (Nick Roux) all-but-confessed his love to Jane (Erica Dasher), and when Jane By Design returned June 5, viewers basically found themselves in an alternate universe. Ben (David Clayton Rogers) was helping Jane keep her big secret, Nick (Matthew Atkinson) was in a full-on relationship with Lulu (Meagan Tandy), and India (India de Beaufort) was… well… I’ll get to her later.

The episode began with Jane and Billy’s highly anticipated reunion — he’d been locked away in a juvenile detention camp, but thankfully, his gravity defying hair didn’t suffer for it — and he and Jane finally had “the talk.” Well, sort of. Billy pretty much avoided the subject until the final moments of the episode, when he totally lied and said Jane was his best friend and he didn’t want that to change. (Geez, Billy can be such a boy sometimes!)

But Jane might not need Billy or Nick in her life, as Grey (Andie MacDowell) hired an easy-on-the-eyes replacement for India at Donovan Decker named Eli (Bryan Dechart). He’s charming, he’s creative, and he’s — wait for it — Grey’s nephew! Jane thought she was up for India’s job for the most of the episode, which made it super awkward when she publicly pulled herself out of the running, only to learn she was never in it to begin with.

OK, now let’s get to the part of the episode that put the biggest smile on my face: India’s return! In a brilliant twist of fate, she’s now working for Harrod’s, the British department store that Donovan Decker is trying to get in bed with — professionally speaking, anyway. So now the tables have completely turned, and the falsely accused “mole” is relishing her new power.

Your move, Grey.

What did you think of the summer premiere? Are you bummed Billy chickened out on his big confession, or are you excited to see where things go between Jane and Eli? And, seriously, how epic was India’s return to Donovan Decker? Drop a comment below with your full review of the episode!

— Andy Swift