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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Did Jackson & Lydia Turn During The Full Moon?

Mon, June 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT by Andy Swift 110 Comments
Teen Wolf episode 202

The season’s first full moon led to terrifying transformations for some of Beacon Hills’ residents — and left others bitterly disappointed.

We began the June 4 episode of Teen Wolf with a heartwarming scene between Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and his charmingly abusive father, who literally cut him in the face and told him to shut up about it. Isaac’s dad followed him after he took off into the night and — long story short — he ended up dead at the hands of a mysterious lizard creature. (Personally, I wasn’t saddened by this loss. Not only was the guy a jerk, but he couldn’t even pronounce his son’s name right! “Isai-ick?” Come on, now.)

Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) took a brief break from lurking in the shadows — and grooming his luscious eyebrows, or whatever — to hunt down said lizard creature, and of course he enlisted his favorite hormonal wolf pal Scott (Tyler Posey) to help him out! Their search led them to Isaac’s basement, where they discovered a box that had been used to contain him when he wolfed out. Allison (Crystal Reed) helped Scott use the box to keep himself at bay, but realized she was screwed when the friggin’ lizard creature came at her upstairs!

Cue Scott escaping. Cue Scott saving the day. Cue creepy lizard friend slithering off into the shadows. Cue me having several simultaneous heart attacks.

So now we’re left with one question: What the f**k was the creature that attacked Allison, and who is it in human form? (OK, fine, that’s technically two questions.) And as much as pains me to say this, judging by the familiar shriek the creature let out as it ran away, I’m inclined to guess that it’s none other than Lydia (Holland Roden). If only I could have gotten a good look at its lips — then I’d know for sure!

Meanwhile, Jackson (Colton Haynes) was super bummed to discover that his body did, in fact, reject Derek’s wolf bite. But it wasn’t a total loss for the audience, as Jackson had his really great pre-transformation ritual that basically involved him flexing shirtless for… well, I don’t really know how long it was for. But I do know I nearly broke the pause, rewind and play buttons on my remote.

OK, gimme all your thoughts: Do you think this means Jackson really isn’t a werewolf? Are you assuming Lydia is the lizard creature who attacked Allison? And, seriously, can we give a round of applause to the wardrobe department for taking the week off?

— Andy Swift