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'Bachelorette' Recap: Jef Holm Reveals He's Scared To Fall For Emily Maynard

Mon, June 4, 2012 11:40pm EDT by Add first Comment

Emily goes shopping with Doug, boat racing with the boys, and cliff diving with John and Nate. But Em’s date with Jef really went to the next level. Read on for more details!

Emily and her boys jetted off to a beautiful island of Bermuda, but of course with fun in the sun comes a cocktail full of drama.

Date 1: Bus Tour in Bermuda

The episode started with the boys gathering in the living room for the unveiling of the first date card which went to Doug Clergert.

Doug made it clear he did not think his name was going to be called and was super nervous about going home — which Arie said he’d like to see happen.

“I’d like to see Doug go home,” Arie said. Bum, bum, bum!

Emily walked in and was able to sniff the tension in the room right away.

“Everyone was weird and on edge,” Emily said, after walking into the room. But Emily was definitely excited to have a date with Doug who she gave the first impression rose to.

“Doug and I have such a connection. It’s like we’ve known each other for years,” Emily said after their shopping date.

During a deep conversation Doug revealed that despite his cookie cutter image — he does have flaws. Emily found that endearing. Emily wrapped up the first part of the date by writing back to Doug’s son, Austin, who wrote her in the first episode.

Later that evening, the two freshened up for an intimate dinner where Doug spilled about how amazing Emily is.

“What put me on cloud nine was that postcard to Austin,” Doug tells Emily.

But Emily admitted that she feels skeptical about him.

“Pretend like I brought your ex-girlfriend here, what would she say?” Emily asked.

The answer to that baffled Em. He said that his ex would probably just complain that he spent too much time with his son and that he didn’t wash her car enough. Weird?

But later Doug’s real flaw was revealed — he never makes the first move because he definitely didn’t with Emily.

Date 2: Group Date

The boys trickled in to the local yacht club to prep for boat races. But what was on the line was more than just the winning title – it was also time with Emily.

Jef — who is on Team Yellow– revealed to the the cameras that he’s nervous because he has the biggest job on the boat. But clearly he did a good job because his team won.

Chris who was on the losing team – Team Red — admitted he was super bummed about not getting time with Emily, but she didn’t waste any time getting whisked away by the other boys.

At the after-party, Arie took Emily away from the other guys for a make-out sesh. But that didn’t stop Jef from making a move.

Emily and Jef stepped away from the party for a beach cuddle session.

“I really like you,” Jef tells Emily. “I’m nervous to invest a lot of feelings, but when we hang out, it’s the best vibe.”

But just when Jef should have kissed Emily – he didn’t. Talk about an awkward moment! Emily didn’t take offense to the no-kiss though.

And Jef confirmed that he’s totally falling for her, too.

“I am so shocked, I completely didn’t expect it… I feel like I’m beginning to fall for Emily,” he told the cameras.

.2-on1 Date: John and Nate

Surprisingly, this ended up being a fun date for Emily!

Emily, John and Nate go boating and then cliff diving, but Emily was stressing from the beginning because she only had one rose to give.

But this date was important to Emily because she finally got some alone time with these boys. Nate especially opened up, but he didn’t get the rose.

“John, will you accept this rose?” Emily asked.

Cocktail party

“Tonight is going to be really hard on me because I have a lot of important decisions to make,” Emily said.

Emily spent most of the cocktail party making her rounds, then snuggling with Arie.

Rose Ceremony

Charlie and Michael were sent home in addition to Nate on the last date!

I’m so happy Jef finally opened up to Emily — looks like next week will be a good one for the two.

What did you think, HollywoodLifers? Who do you think Emily should end up with? Weigh in below.

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