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'Teen Wolf' Season 2: Skin, Scares & More Reasons To Watch

Fri, June 1, 2012 6:13pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments

The second season of ‘Teen Wolf’ kicks off June 3 and has the scoop on what you can expect!

Teen Wolf was one of my biggest TV obsessions last summer, and I’m happy to report that its second season — premiering immediately after the MTV Movie Awards on June 3 — is even better. Like, a lot better. From crazy supernatural twists to an abundance of shirtless scenes, I’m giving you my top five reasons you’ll be falling in love with the Beacon Hills gang all over again.

1. No shirts, no shoes, no complaints: I’m pretty sure Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes have special clauses in their contracts for season two that require them to be shirtless for at least half of every episode — because they’re literally shirtless for at least half of every episode. There’s even a scene where Jackson just stands flexing in front of the mirror as the camera slowly pans up and down his torso. I’m not complaining, just reporting. And enjoying.

2. Lydia’s finally doing stuff: As much fun as it was watching Lydia be adorable and flirty and scream-y, I was kind of wondering when she would start serving a real purpose on the show. We finally got our answer when she was attacked at the end of season one, and trust me, that story line becomes a huge part of season two. She’s still adorable, flirty and scream-y, but she’s also got some major changes ahead — so prepare to freak out.

3. More coach: Fans that fell in love with Beacon Hills High’s manic lacrosse coach (Orny Adams) will be pleased to know that the first few episodes of season two are loaded with coach scenes. He’s funnier, weirder and more unprofessional than ever before — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. Expansion of the mythology: Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis famously said he wouldn’t be including vampires on his show — but he didn’t say anything about shapeshifters! Just when we all thought the Alpha was the biggest, baddest beast around, along comes season two’s new creature to remind us we should always expect the unexpected in Beacon Hills.

5. The new kid: Remember how during season one, you were all like, “What’s up with Derek? What’s his deal? Where’d he get that sweet jacket?” Well, there’s a new new kid in town in season two — Daniel Sharman‘s Isaac — and his mystery is even more mysterious than Derek’s.

What are YOU most excited to see in season two? We’re just days away from the big premiere, so drop your wishes in the comments section below!

— Andy Swift