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Robert Pattinson's Shocking Admission About Himself — Do You Agree?

Fri, June 1, 2012 11:59pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 7 Comments
Rob Pattinson Interview

Rob makes an astounding confession in a new interview with ‘Empire’ magazine — we’re dying to know if YOU agree with what he says!

What does Robert Pattinson think is the biggest weakness in his personality? The  Cosmopolis star bravely opened up in a new interview –and we think you’re going to be surprised by his self-admission!

So what’s R-Patz’s issue? Confidence! “That’s my biggest problem: confidence,” Rob reveals.

But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  After all, one of Rob’s most loveable characteristics is that he’s still so down to earth. Everyone who’s ever had a Rob encounter has reported that he’s remained sweet and normal – you’d never know he’s a huge movie star.

So now, we can surmise that one of the positive side affects of his “lack of confidence” could be his humble nature.

Humble Rob also confesses that he didn’t know he had his dramatic Cosmopolis role in him.

“I’m taking baby steps and hoping people keep employing me,” he says, adding that he’d love to maintain a career doing “small, interesting movies.”

Mr. Non-Confidence jokes that he’s unlikely to ever star as an action hero, what with his well-known complete lack of interest in hitting the gym.

“I’m not buff enough for robot movies,” he insists. Not that we’d agree. We think he’d rock in an action flick.

He hopes his Twilight fans will buy tickets to see the dramatic thriller, Cosmopolis, but doubts it will send them into a frenzy. “I can’t see tons of people watching Cosmopolis and screaming at it,” he laughs.

Well, we’ll have to see about that!

— Bonnie Fuller

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