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The Must-See Top Celebrity Psychic In NYC

Fri, June 1, 2012 3:22pm EDT by Chloe Melas 12 Comments
Thomas John psychic

If you’re not a believer in people being able to reach the ‘other side,’ I am here to tell you that Thomas John is the real deal. Read on to hear about my experience and why you need to check him out now!

Ever wondered if there are people out there who can truly cross over to the other side? Whether it was watching Ghost as a little girl, or countless episodes of Crossing Over With John Edwards, I’ve always been fascinated with idea that there are ones who can truly communicate with the dead. Trust me, I’ve been incredibly skeptical and I had never met with a psychic medium like Thomas John for a true reading. You’ll never believe what happened to me.

I got a call from a celebrity publicist friend of mine, and she asked me if I’d be interested in interviewing Thomas John, a psychic medium and clairvoyant. I immediately said yes but I had no expectations going in.

Thomas told me about his life and how he discovered his gift when he was four-years-old. He told me about how difficult it was for his parents to accept it because they were so devoutly Catholic and that he tried to ignore the urges to utilize his abilities.

“I had intuition as a kid … no one in my family is psychic,” he said. “My parents are really not into it and when I was a boy I started telling them stuff and they took me to a priest because they thought I needed an exorcism, but then when I was seven or eight years old they started to accept it.”

Thomas tried to explain that this isn’t like the movie The Sixth Sense, where you have ghosts coming into your room at night.

“I don’t really see dead people, although I have seen spirits,” he told me. “I start to get information that’s like relevant to a certain person or information from my guides to give them. I get it symbolically, it’s not like a conversation.”

But if you’re skeptical should you still try it? Thomas says he doesn’t try to push his gift on anyone.

“I don’t think readings are for everyone, I had a woman I told a bunch of things and a few bad things … some things were warnings and she was like ‘well this didn’t help me because I’m worried now,'” he says. “I like to try to empower people, I don’t like that as the end result. As far as readings go, everyone can do it for themselves … we all have intuition.”

Thomas opened his practice in 2010, and he has helped individuals connect with the other side, helped law enforcement, and is a published author. I won’t tell you too much, but I promise you this is legit. Thomas named my relatives dead and alive, named my friends and even knew all about my love life!

He’s had high-profile celebrities clients like: Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, Lynne White, Donny Deutsch, Magee Hickey and Judy Licht.


— Chloe Melas