Jenelle Evans' Angry Rant: My BFF 'Sold Me Out' To A Magazine

Just as they were starting to get along, Jenelle discovers her ex-BFF has committed the ultimate betrayal — selling the 'Teen Mom' star's story to a magazine! Last month, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her ex-BFF Victoria 'Tori" Rhyne got into a huge fight because Tori was out partying while Jenelle was in the hospital. They two were back on speaking terms, but now it seems their renewed friendship is over for good. "THANKS @Vkillemm FOR SELLING ME OUT ONCE AGAIN. IM GLAD YR PHONE GOT STOLEN, KARMA SUCKS DOESN'T IT?! FUNNY U LIED TO U GET MONEY FOR YR DUI" Jenelle tweeted.

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Jenelle Evans Fight
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Tori doesn’t deny she sold a story about Jenelle doing drugs, but she says her friend knew it was happening!

“i told you i was doing the story. And now you get mad a month later…. lfet over the petty sh*t jenelle,” Tori replied. “i gave you a heads up on what it was about.”

But then Jenelle decided to fight dirty: “when did I ever give u the “go ahead” to do it?! I’m on probation u f*cking dumba** just like u left _____ to get date raped”

Jenelle claims Tori sold the story to pay for her DUI and drug money for herself.

“me? Need it for drugs? Lmfao jenelle i know you so well i know your just trying to make me look bad. Lol,” Tori answered. “but im not on probation. I only have a DUI.. i did do drugs with you but not now i chill with other ppl who don’t have money like you… and i really don’t wanna argue.. don’t let it bother you. You’ve been through more sh*t than this stupid article… brush it off your shoulders and move on. Act like it didn’t happen”

Tori admits she drinks and smokes weed, but she says she doesn’t have reputation to uphold like Jenelle.

Betrayed by her former friend, Jenelle ends the argument by telling Tori to never talk to her again.

Wow! Can you believe this!?! Do you think Jenelle should cut Tori out of her life after this betrayal? Or should Jenelle forgive her friend?

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