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'American Idol' Recap: Colton Dixon Has A Solid Performance And Should Win American Idol

Thu, March 22, 2012 2:41am EDT by Russ Weakland 21 Comments
Colton Dixon

It was a pretty sketchy run of performances March 21 on ‘American Idol’! No one had their best performances while DeAndre Brackensick and Skylar Laine faltered, Colton Dixon pulled out all he could to shine the brightest! But after the Idol hopefuls took on the songs of Billy Joel is anyone really safe?

It was “Billy Joel” night on American Idol March 21, which meant 10 contestants that really had no clue who Billy Joel was picked songs from his legendary songbook. For most this was a car wreck – but for others they powered through it and may have just got one step closer to being the next American Idol.

DeAndre Brakensick: He sang, “Only The Good Die Young” and Randy Jackson said it best, “It didn’t show me anything special.” It was a great song choice delivered very weak. DeAndre has the look and sometimes has moments where he really delivers but he can’t get over the hump. I really don’t see that changing in the weeks to come, if he lasts that long and he should really be overjoyed if he makes it another week. Because he really sounded like Sideshow Bob singing rather than just looking like him. But would he be the worst?

Erika Van Pelt: Steven Tyler stretched it a bit when he said, “Put more character into it. Beautiful. Outstanding.” The vocal for New York State of Mind” was solid and she should last another week. But the Kris Jenner hairdo was hideous and almost reason alone to be in the bottom three. Let’s face it, she has a nice voice, sings well and has a few weeks left in her. But she is not winning American Idol. Enjoy it while it lasts folks!

Joshua Ledet: What a complete let down! Singing the iconic and beautiful “She’s Got A Way” should have been a complete home run. How can you possibly ruin that song? Easy, put church into it and take out all the emotion. This ruined the song for me, I have had to listen to Billy Joel’s version on repeat just to get the bad taste out of my mouth from Josh’s performance. He reached his peak last week and the only way for him to go is down. Jennifer Lopez wanted to talk bad about the performance by saying, “Billy Joel wrote his life in his song. I feel stupid to say anything negative.” Well she should have, because he turned a great song into something bad. Not bad enough to get voted off, but he isn’t winning American Idol either.

Skylar Laine: I get that she is the only country person on the show and the judges really want to save her but this performance was not good. “Shameless” is a great song to be turned into a country hit but Skylar failed to give it the justice it deserved. I feel like she should be in the bottom three but will be safe with her country fans for a few more weeks. But it was pitchy all over the place. There are so many awesome songs to pick of Billy Joel’s and she chose a song that wasn’t right for her and it should with a less than stellar performance. She is in trouble!

Elise Testone: A few weeks ago I pleaded with America to give her another chance. And she is getting better by the week. While singing “Vienna” she hit the notes splendidly. Steven Tyler said, “The melody was so fantastic. You were beautiful.” I will have to agree but I also think she is still missing something. I can’t pinpoint it. I don’t know if its her stage presense, song selection or something else but she is missing something. She has the voice but not the x-factor. Which eventually will mean she will not be the American Idol. But she should be safe this week.

Phillip Phillips: I get that he is one of the favorites. He is a nice guy that performs well and will have no problem making it far in the show. But singing “Moving Out” the same way he sings everything else needs to change. Do you really want to listen to an album that has the same sounding song track after track? He won’t have any problem this week moving on but if he doesn’t change something he really will be moving out!

Hollie Cavanagh: She sang “Honesty” and honestly speaking it was BAD! Steven Tyler mentioned, “Tonight you were a bit pitchy.” That was the nicest that it could have been put as the performance was all over the place. Hollie is really trying when it should come naturally and easy for her. She really needs to step back to move steps ahead. She’ll be fine, but do we always have to hear the power ballad?

Heejun Han: He sang “My Life”, and during this season of American Idol it is for sure his life on stage. Steven Tyler mentioned, “Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song. The music business will kick your ass.” which in other words means that he should get his act together. That performance was awful! Just horrid!

Jessica Sanchez: She took one of the worst Billy Joel songs ever and made it her own. She can sing, she is a front runner but I still believe she will not win American Idol. She has to start picking better songs and she has to start delivering home runs always. She can’t rest on her Whitney Houston performance for the whole competition. America will eventually smarten up and choose someone else. Just wait and see..

Colton Dixon: This should have been EPIC. This should have been the moment. The real star of the show is Colton Dixon and I was very eager to here his version of “Piano Man”. It was spectacular but not groundbreaking. I thought he actually held back a little bit. But what he gave was still the best performance of the night and is my current pick to become the next American Idol. It just makes sense.

If I had to guess, it looks like DeAndre or Skylar will be going home. Heejun was so bad I think that is what will actually save him for another week. Should be an interesting elimination night tomorrow? What are your thoughts HollywoodLifers?

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Russ Weakland

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