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'Jersey Shore' Finale: Vinny Sleeps With Two Lesbians In One Night

Thu, March 15, 2012 11:18pm EDT by Chloe Melas 8 Comments

Vinny’s dream finally comes true and he brings home two lesbians from the club. Meanwhile, Mike is still starting drama!

Deena learns some scandalous gossip circulating about her older sister, Joanie. On the finale episode on March 15 of Jersey Shore Mike tells Snooki something Joanie does in bed with Mike’s older brother, Frank!

Being the meatballs, Snooki fills Deena in on what Mike is saying about her sister, whether it is true or not. — Deena is not happy with Mike talking about her family!

Meanwhile, Vinny can check something of his bucket list — smushing a lesbian, BUT he lucks out when TWO lesbians are DTF!

Mike’s drama is set aside when Deena decides to let it go and let her sister be happy with Mike’s bro.

The season came to an end, bittersweet goodbyes were made and one last time “the cabs are here!”

Tune in next week for the cast reunion at 10pm ET!

— Giovanna Pagliarulo