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'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Did Melissa Kill Alison?

Mon, February 27, 2012 9:11pm EDT by Andy Swift 13 Comments

Spencer’s crazy sister is also looking crazy-guilty! Do you think she channeled her inner Nanny Carrie on Alison?

The Feb. 27 episode of Pretty Little Liars reinforced one of the most valuable life lessons ABC Family has ever taught me: Parents, especially dads, are never to be trusted. Ever. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) did a little snooping into their creepy dad’s business dealings and discovered a $15,000 cash transaction he made to a private investigator to look into Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) disappearance. But it’s what the girls didn’t see that has me worried: a missing gun!

Also, Mr. Hastings appears to know a lot more than we thought. He told Spencer he knew Melissa had been sending Alison threatening texts, so he hired the investigator to make sure Melissa had nothing to do with Alison’s disappearance. (Twenty bucks says she took the gun, y’all.)

And did anyone else think it was super creepy that Mr. Hastings had a butt load of Alison pictures on his desk? Veronica Mars fans, I’m seeing a very Aaron Echolls/Lily Kane-type situation afoot and I do not like it!

In slightly more trustworthy dad news, Emily (Shay Mitchell) teamed up with her dad — temporarily on leave from Afghanistan — to track down Maya (Bianca Lawson), who left a note for her parents before running away from home. They spent the day driving around Rosewood looking for clues, but they could have saved themselves a whole lot of time if they just sniffed out the best weed in town. Come on, we all know where Maya’s head is 24/7.

Also, Mike (Cody Christian) is back! And he’s shaving! And he’s “A”! OK, I may have made that last part up — but until the season finale, he’s still totally a suspect.

Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and Ashley (Laura Leighton) also had a little mom party to figure out how they should deal with “A.” Ella suggested they leave the police out of it (smart), but because Ashley thinks with her lady parts, she decided she needed to get Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) in on it. (Not smart!)

And in the episode’s final moments, Aria came face-to-face with her phone buddy — who called her Vivian!

(Oh. Snap.)

OK, let’s talk about what we learned this week: Do you think Melissa had something to do with Alison’s death? Are you ready to start trusting Spencer’s dad? And, seriously, how old is Mike supposed to be? That might be the show’s biggest mystery of all! See you in the comments section :)

— Andy Swift

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