Gary Shirley Defends Amber Portwood: 'Don't Trash' Her Please

Gary doesn't want 'Teen Mom' fans attacking Amber because of how it may affect their daughter Leah, 3. Teen Mom star Gary Shirley may not agree with his baby mama Amber Portwood's horrible mistakes -- but for the sake of their 3-year-old daughter Leah, Gary is trying to be the bigger person and stand up for Amber.

Amber Portwood And Gary Shirley

Amber was released from jail on Feb. 24, where she had been held since Dec. 16 for violating probation. Now, Gary is asking Teen Mom fans to leave Amber alone.

“No matter what Ambers done to me it’s not none of yalls place to tell me. Or to keep calling crazy or diff names thanks for the support,” Gary tweeted on Feb. 26.

Gary admits that he hasn’t always been the nicest to Amber, but now he’s trying to be different. “But we don’t gotta take it that far and I know it’s probably my fault by tweeting some tweets that I have so I take responsibility,” he wrote. “But I realize now I was wrong cause seeing my followers tweet the negative things about her just doesn’t sound right. Please respect”

“I know all my followers support Leah first by doing that means no trashing mommy,” Gary added. “Thank for the continued support By the way I didn’t mean to retweet a tweet about her being crazy had to and overlook or just plain accident. But I did post her text which was dumb I accept the back lash but won’t do it again.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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