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Three-Year-Old Walks A Mile In The Snow In The Middle Of The Night Looking For Mom

Fri, February 24, 2012 11:40am EDT by 2 Comments
Hope Lillian Trott

A Maine toddler woke up from a nightmare that her mom left her alone, so she wandered off to search for her mom in the middle of the night!

Three-year-old Hope Lillian Trott woke up around 4 a.m. on Feb. 21 after dreaming that her mom left her alone in the house while she went to a local store to get pizza, according to The Daily Mail. Rather than check her parent’s bedroom, the adventurous tot put on her coat and shoes and decided to walk to the store herself!

She walked a mile down the snowy road to the store and started crying when she realized her mom wasn’t there!

Meanwhile, her parents were fast asleep, unaware that their little one had wandered so far. They didn’t realize what happened until police arrived at the house with guns drawn and demanded to know where their daughter was!

“It was an absolute shock,” Hope’s mom Laura Trott said. “I was still sound asleep, and I came out of it and my first thought was that the house was on fire and that they were there to get us out.”

Police escorted Laura to the hospital where Hope was being checked out, and she took the young traveler home.

Laura says Hope was wearing only a flimsy summer nightgown — which she insisted on wearing the night before — a winter coat and shoes when she trekked the mile to the Woodland Food Mart IGA.

The little one’s tiny footprints could be seen in the snowy road, which luckily was only lightly dusted with snow. “It was the warmest day of the week, which is a blessing from God because sometimes it can get to -2F,” Laura explains.

“We had a conversation with her yesterday and there were lots of tears,” the mom says about discussing the adventure with her daughter. “Last night, before she was going to bed, she said, ‘Mommy I promise I am going to stay in the warm house where you are and daddy are and not go outside.’ She understands what she did was wrong.”

But the parents are taking precautions just in case. “We put a deadbolt on the front door as high up as my husband could reach!” she says.

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