Cissy Houston Should NOT Leave Bobbi Kristina Brown Alone, Say Insiders

Bobbi Kristina Brown is at home with her adopted brother in Atlanta, Georgia for a dental appointment, but two experts tell us they are very concerned for the 18-year-old celeb's well-being, considering she's unstable The last thing Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, needs right now is to be left alone by her family during her time of need. The 18-year-old girl is currently on suicide watch, after having two nervous breakdowns following her mom's death less than two weeks ago. However, she's currently in Atlanta, Georgia with her 22-year-old adopted brother for a few days, which two health experts tell is dangerous for her well-being.

Bobbi Kristina Drugs

“At this point she should not be alone and needs to be around strong and positive people,” NYC-located relationship expert Diana Falzone says. “The fact that she has been hospitalized and had a traumatic loss, means she needs a strong support system — because if she becomes lonely as an alleged drug user, she can be thrown into a downward spiral.”

Bobbi Kristina has a history of abusing drugs and alcohol, which is the primary reason our experts are concerned and believe she should stay with her grandmother, Cissy Houston, in New Jersey right now.

Dr. Jeff Gardere, a contributor to, tells us, “I think Bobbi Christina needs more than her brother to watch over her. She needs a number of family members near her right now, especially after the tremendous shock and trauma that she has had to overcome.”

We agree — Bobbi Kristina needs a support system during this tragic time. Our thoughts and well wishes are with the teen as she struggles to grief her mother’s passing.


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