Courtney Robertson's Ex Defends Her: 'She's Actually A Nice Girl'

Courtney's ex-boyfriend Cavan Clark claims that Courtney isn't as mean in real life as she appears to Ben Flajnik on 'The Bachelor.' Cunning Courtney Robertson may seem like a manipulative vixen who is trying to crush Ben Flajnik's heart on The Bachelor, but her ex-boyfriend Cavan Clark says that Courtney is actually quite a good person in real life.

Courtney Robertson

“Unlike what you see on the show, she’s actually a nice girl,” Cavan tells Life & Style magazine. “I still keep in touch with Courtney and her family.”

Cavan, a 36-year-old photographer who Courtney dated prior to going on The Bachelor, isn’t mad at Courtney for trying her luck on the reality show. “We dated, and after it ended she went on The Bachelor,” he says. “Life happens; people fall in love and people break up.”

But, Cavan is convinced that Courtney wants to win the competition more than anything. “She’s obviously doing everything she can to win, seeing that it is a reality dating competition,” he notes.

According to Life & Style, Courtney, 28, met Cavan at a photo shoot where she was modeling and he was working as a photographer.

Courtney is now reportedly engaged to Ben.

BFFs — do you think Courtney could actually be a nice person in real life? Share your thoughts with us below.

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