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'Once Upon A Time' Recap: David & Mary Margaret Break Up. Sad.

Sun, February 19, 2012 9:33pm EDT by Andy Swift 4 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Plus, one of Storybrooke’s own is missing! Seriously, what the Frederick happened to Kathryn?

Don’t let the picture fool you; While Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow White’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) relationship took a big ol’ step forward on the Feb. 19 episode of Once Upon A Time, their Storybrooke counterparts found themselves in a far less favorable position.

David finally decided to break up with Kathryn (Anastasia Griffith) and tell her about Mary Margaret — only he sort of left out the second part. Of course, Regina (Lana Parrilla) was more than happy to fill in the blanks, which led to Kathryn delivering an epic slap to Mary Margaret in the halls of her own school. And as much as we all love M.M., can you really argue that she didn’t deserve it? Cheating is cheating, whether it’s all part of a giant fairy tale or not.

Obviously, M.M. wasn’t thrilled with David — she also didn’t appreciate having “tramp” painted on her car — so she decided to break up with him for good. Kathryn took off for Boston and left David a note with her own twisted blessing inside, but Regina intercepted it in a desperate attempt to keep her curse from being broken. (Plus, she’s a nosy bitch and loves to read other people’s mail.)

But because Storybrooke is very much like Vegas — what happens there, stays there — Kathryn never made it out of town. Her car was discovered empty by the Storybrooke counterpart of Abigail’s lover, Frederick, and now everyone in town is a suspect.

How mysterious!

And now, a few random side notes:

We learned that Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) mysterious writer friend (Eion Bailey) is actually named August W. Booth. Does this mean anything to anyone?

Also, that whole scene between Prince Charming and the siren — while thoroughly fun and entertaining — only made me long for mer-peeps on this show. (Ariel, girl, where you at?)

Since we’re approaching a two-week break, we’ve got a lot to think about: What’s the significance of August’s name? Where do you think Kathryn went? And do Henry and Mary Margaret go to the same barber? See you in the comments!

— Andy Swift

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