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'Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie Makes A Sacrifice To Save Adam

Thu, February 9, 2012 10:57pm EDT by Andy Swift 6 Comments
Courtesy of The CW

Plus, Diana and Faye slut it up big time — while Melissa convulses on the floor.

Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) game of emotional ping-pong continued on the Feb. 9 episode of The Secret Circle — and Adam (Thomas Dekker) was, once again, this week’s winner. His prize? A mouth party with Chance Harbor’s darkest little witch! If kissing were a big deal, I might have to call Cassie a slut.

Fortunately it’s not a big deal, so Chance Harbor’s “Big Ol’ Slut” award goes to none other than Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), who began the episode by waking up to an underwear-clad Jake (Chris Zylka.) Ladies, for those of you who looked at Jake and wondered “boxers or briefs,” wonder no more!

The rest of the circle decided to throw an anti-Valentine’s, no-boys-allowed slumber party — but that all went to crap when Diana (Shelley Hennig) decided to cast a spell to summon a hot pizza delivery guy to the door and make out with him. Keep in mind, this was after she made out with Lee (Grey Damon.) Hm… Maybe I should have given her the “Big Ol’ Slut” award.

Cassie kind of killed the party when she showed up complaining about seeing ghosts. And after a brief, but memorable, seance — the dead witches simply spelled out the word “sacred” — Cassie left to visit the church where John Blackwell killed the infamous coven. Jake and Adam once again rushed to Cassie’s rescue, but this time, Cassie had to make a choice: Let the dead witches kill Adam, after possessing him, or give them the medallion?

Jake wanted Cassie to keep the medallion (what a surprise), but like I said above, Adam and Cassie ended the episode with a hot lip-lock. So I’m sure you can figure out who survived between Adam and the medallion.

I would like to note that, once again, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) had the worst week ever. Not only was she the only member of the circle who didn’t get a Valentine’s Day hookup, but she also spent a good chunk of the hour convulsing on the floor. Is she cursed and we just don’t know it? I feel really badly for Melissa — and JPK.

OK, now you tell me how you felt about this week’s episode: Are you glad Cassie kissed Jake (again)? Do you think John Blackwell will prove to be a friend or foe? And, seriously, when is Melissa not going to have a terrible week? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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