Kim Kardashian Has 'Phony' Tears Over Marriage On 'KKTNY' Says Top Expert

Kim cries to her sister Kourtney Kardashian that she had every intention of having a happy marriage with Kris Humphries but two experts say Kim shows six signs of deception in the clip! Kim Kardashian has some explaining to do! reached out to Dr. Lilian Glass, a top body language expert who also works with the FBI. Dr. Glass tells us that Kim's tears, makeup, voice and even her kleenex, prove she's totally turning on the waterworks for the cameras!

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Kim Kardashian fake

“This is so phony,” Dr. Glass says. “First of all, if you look at the tape initially, she has heavy lower lid eye makeup. This makes it easy to smear and make for a good visual when she cries. Also, she has a folded up kleenex in the middle of the scene ready to go for the upcoming tears.The tears initially have no liquid and she just scrunched up her face.”

But Kim does start to cry towards the end and even her voice rises like one would if you were upset!

“Kim is a bad actress. She is squinting her facial muscles and her vocal muscles are attached to her tongue and throat area which is why the pitch rises. But it is a monotone rise which indicates phoniness and is not appropriately inflected.”

Here are Dr. Glass’ six reasons why she believes Kim’s scene is fake:

  • Heavy makeup under the eye.
  • No emotion in her voice or tone.
  • Incongruous movement with her tone and her words and body language.
  • The all too ready, neatly folded up kleenex in her hand. Where it wasn’t there in previous scenes!
  • The non-tears and scrunched crying face with no liquid in the beginning. Especially when she talks about ruining Kris life!
  • The tears when she talks about her life at 30 with no marriage and children, that is the only thing that is real. But she is crying for herself not for Kris.

— Chloe Melas

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