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'Pretty Little Liars' Scoop: Bianca Lawson Reveals Emily & Maya's 'Biggest Hurdle' Yet

Tue, January 24, 2012 2:37pm EDT by Andy Swift 26 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Plus, Bianca tells all about the ‘delicious’ Maya/Paige showdown we’ll (sadly) never get to see!

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for fans of Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Maya (Bianca Lawson) on Pretty Little Liars. For starters, “there will be some hurdles” coming up for Rosewood’s lesbian power couple, and they will be a whole lot worse than the mystery man Maya hooked up with while she was out of town. “There are other things, independent of that situation, that will come in and create tension,” Bianca hints to “That’s not going to be their biggest hurdle.”

And now for the good news: Bianca assures me that the aforementioned hurdles actually “strengthen and deepen their relationship. It’s like a lot of relationships: It grows and sprouts and is amazing, but nothing can stay the same forever. There will be challenges.”

So could one of those “challenges” be a plucky little redhead named Paige (Lindsey Shaw)?

“In one of the episodes I shot, there was supposed to be a Maya/Paige confrontation,” Bianca reveals. “It was so deliciously written, and I was so excited to meet and work with Lindsey. But then something came up — I think it was just a scheduling conflict — and it never got to happen. So that had to be sort of rewritten and changed.”

Are you as bummed as I am? I was really hoping for a cat fight this season!


Read on for more of my interview with Bianca Lawson…

Are you fully aware of all the ‘Emaya’ fans out there?

“Yes! They’re amazing. They’re super enthusiastic and supportive and I love them.”

Do you know about their slogan, ‘I perve for Emaya?’

[Laughs.] “I love it! No, I’ve never heard that before. That’s awesome. Hilarious.”

They’re pretty vocal on Twitter. Any chance you’ll be joining yourself?

“This comes up a lot, actually. People always ask me. My own dad has Twitter! I never say never, for sure, but I honestly think I’m incredibly boring. It feels like a really big commitment, and I’ve also seen several people get in trouble on there. I’d take it seriously, it wouldn’t be a haphazard thing. I’ve always sort of kept my head down and did my thing — but maybe one day.”

What do you love about getting to play one-half of Emaya?

“I think it’s handled so beautifully and so sensitively. It’s so great getting to portray a very deep, visceral love like that. I mean, I’d like a love like that! And love playing Maya. She’s impulsive, she’s fearless, she loves deeply, and she fully jumps in head-first into everything. There’s a freedom, and even kind of a recklessness, to her as she’s evolving. As the series goes on, we’re peeling beneath the layers, especially now that she’s back from the ‘camp.’ A lot of times with the sexuality thing on TV, it could be portrayed in a way that’s more for shock and ratings and to be salacious — but this is a real love story, with all of the imperfections and all of the joy and all of the pain and all of the mistakes. It’s very real. They’re teenagers; they’re still figuring out who they are and what their place is in the world — not to mention all of the ‘A’ drama.”

Emily recently admitted to hooking up with a guy while she was away. Will that be a source of tension?

“With him, I think Emily had her explorations when Maya was away, too. Another thing I love about [Emily and Maya] is that this didn’t destroy them. Maya came back, Emily fessed up, then Maya fessed up. I think it’s one thing to be an adult and decide to go away for a while, but Maya was a young adult who was forced to go to this place. She explained she was lonely and isolated. Sometimes, if you can’t be with the one you love, you start to project those feelings onto someone else who’s there with you. Maya was just straight with her about that, and Emily handled it very maturely.”

But their relationship will definitely see some ups and downs this season?

“Peaks and valleys, yes. We definitely break some ground and get to a new level. We reach a new place we’ve never reached before, so it definitely grows in that sense. The relationship expands.”

Any last thoughts on ‘Emaya’ and all the fans?

“I’m so grateful for all of their support and enthusiasm and kindness about Maya and Emaya and that whole love story. I am aware of it, even though I’m not on Twitter. I appreciate it.”

— Andy Swift

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