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If Seal Has Anger Issues, Then Heidi Klum Was Right To Leave, Says Expert

Mon, January 23, 2012 3:43pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment
Heidi Klum divorce spoke to Dr. Seth Meyers, a top psychologist who specializes in relationship issues, and he reveals the shocking reason why Seal might have a temper and what that means for the couple!

Heidi Klum is doing everything right! When learned that Heidi and Seal were divorcing after six years of marriage, we were shocked. But Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed Clinical Psychologist in LA tells us that announcing a separation or divorce is never done “impulsively” and that Heidi must have been thinking about this for a while!

“When a decision is made to end a marriage, it’s never impulsive. Odds are that Heidi has been unhappy and frustrated for years,” Dr. Meyers tells us. “Additionally, men aren’t comfortable in a relationship if their wife is much more successful. It would be impossible for Seal to not feel threatened or competitive with Heidi’s success, particularly given that his career is a fraction of what it once was.”

We told you that distance drove the couple apart and that they’ve been fighting for months. But new reports claim that Seal had quite the temper.

“It is never a good idea to stay together if one parent has an out of control temper,” he continues. “A fierce temper will inevitably tear any relationship apart — famous or otherwise. Seal and Heidi are smart to consider a separation before the divorce to make sure they want to part permanently, and they need a therapist to make sure they are making the best decision for the family. One thing is certain: men with tempers inevitably show their temper to their children, and the mothers need to do their best to protect them from it.”

Should they just have waited and only announced if they were getting a divorce?

“A separation is a good idea to introduce the major change to kids,” Dr. Meyers adds. “But it would take a lot of time and hard work in therapy. At least a year to make things functional once a relationship has gotten bad.”

Four Ways Seal could control his anger, according to Dr. Meyers:

  • He should focus on finding a mix of high-energy outlets: martial arts, boxing and focused breathing outlets: yoga, pilates, deep breathing exercises.
  • Seal also needs to find ways to express his anger verbally, through writing in a journal or writing letters to his wife about why he is upset and through conversation.
  • In addition, he could use the mirror technique in which he says into the mirror Why he is upset and what needs to change in his life for him to feel that he has more control over his life.
  • Together, they should go to couples counseling where they can be led through role plays and other exercises which show each partner how the other is feeling, creating more empathy in the relationship.

— Chloe Melas

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