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'Secret Circle' Scoop: Jessica Parker Kennedy Reveals Melissa's Future Struggles

Thu, January 19, 2012 1:30pm EDT by Andy Swift 6 Comments
Courtesy of The CW

Jessica tells how Melissa will get her groove back, plus why she really hopes Diana is the other Blackwell child.

Let’s be honest: Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) hasn’t really been herself since Nick (Louis Hunter) was killed earlier this season on The Secret Circle. “Melissa is on a journey of, for lack of a better term, finding herself,” Jessica tells us, adding that — believe it or not — Melissa’s heartbreak is far from over. “Before she finds her groove, she’s going to go through a bunch of stuff.”

Naturally, I had to ask her if this “stuff” could potentially include a new love interest for the down-trodden witch.

“I think it’s possible,” she teases. “We haven’t gone there with the script yet, but I hope so.”

I second that.


Read on for my full interview with Jessica…

How does your head feel after last week’s episode?

“I had a stunt double come in so she could properly conk her head. It was funny, because when we were laying there and the mystery man comes in to save us with his boots, the smoke was so thick. You couldn’t tell by watching it, but we could barely see our hands in front of our faces. I don’t understand how the camera caught anything. One of our wardrobe people was like, ‘God, this reminds me of the ice capades back in the ’80s.’ It was like being at some crazy party.”

Like a rave… in the bathroom.

“…After I passed out.”

What’s it like for you, as an actress, to see your character so lost?

“When I was filming last week’s episode, I had a really hard time finding my groove. I was talking to the director, and he was like, ‘Yeah, of course you are. Melissa’s not really comfortable in her shoes right now, so why would you feel comfortable?’ It was a shift that was unexpected for Melissa, so I’m feeling a little in-between, and not sure of where I am.”

What about Melissa’s family? Any chance we’ll meet more of them?

“It’s quite mysterious. Right now I know Melissa’s father is alive, and she also has a stepmother. I certainly hope we’ll meet more people, though. Anytime you get to act with people who are supposed to be your family, it really influences your backstory and makes character development a lot easier. It would help me [as an actress] inform my character. I hope I have that opportunity.”

And what about Melissa’s friendship with Faye? Will that change now that Faye is the circle’s new pariah?

“She is the circle’s new pariah, but I remember when we filmed the scene where we all scream at Faye in the parking lot, I was like, ‘Cassie’s done so much bad stuff too! Why are we beating up on Faye?’ One of the reasons I love Faye so much is because she can be so brutal, but the look Phoebe is able to put on her face when she realizes she made a huge mistake is so heartfelt. The character is really struggling. But it’s like any friendship. It’ll get wild, then settle down, and it’ll all happen again.

I know you don’t know who the other Blackwell child is, but do you have a theory?

“I don’t have a theory, but I think it would be really fun if it was Diana. She’s such a good girl, so I think it’d be interesting if her character had some crazy shift. But at the same time, this Blackwell character is so dark, so maybe it’ll be Faye. I think it’d be neat to see Diana sort of go to the dark side.”

As long as it’s not Jake. That’d be kind of gross.

“A little bit.”

What are your hopes for Melissa in the future? How would you like to see her end up?

“I want to see Melissa standing on her own two feet, which she’s starting to do. And I want to see her happy and in love. I loved the scenes with Louis Hunter, when they really started to care for each other — which was, unfortunately, right before he died. She’s such a passionate character. I know she’s going to take a bit of a journey before she gets there, but that’s understandable before her boyfriend died and her friend is a psycho. And on top of that, she’s going through puberty. She’s a teenager and she’s trying to get good grades.”

Oh right, grades. I feel like we never see these kids doing homework.

“Right? We don’t have time for that. But I think we’re all doing OK. I think Melissa’s maintaining a mid-70s range. That’s what I like to say. School’s not too difficult for her.”

So… average student, but above-average witch?

“Absolutely! Exactly.”


OK, now that you know what Jessica wants for Melissa’s future, tell me what YOU want to see happen to the circle’s saddest witch. Do you hope she moves on from Nick? Maybe gets some crazy new powers? Anything can happen on this show, so drop me a comment with your wildest wish!

— Andy Swift

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