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'90210' Recap: Liam Chooses Vanessa & [Spoiler] Returns

Tue, January 17, 2012 9:36pm EDT by Andy Swift 22 Comments
Courtesy of The CW

Annie’s face says it all: I love Arielle Kebbel, but Vanessa has already overstayed her welcome in this zip code.

90210 finally returned Jan. 17, bringing new-and-improved versions of the characters we all know and love. Annie (Shenae Grimes) was richer, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) was sluttier, and Liam (Matt Lanter) was more glamorous than ever. Seriously, he made a black eye look like black eyeshadow. Only more flawless.

In fact, the only thing not right in the 90210 universe is that no-good, triflin’ man-stealer Vanessa (Arielle Kebbel.) It took Annie about two seconds to accuse her of hitting Liam with her car — which was good — but even less time to retract her accusation and tell Liam to be with Vanessa if he really wanted to — which was not good. Not good at all.

And now that she’s a baller, Annie also decided to transfer to Carnegie Mellon. But when she got to the airport, she discovered she’d taken Vanessa’s bag by mistake — and with it, a ton of fake IDs. You know what that means, right? It’s time for Annie to go from escort to rich girl to detective! (They should come out with a line of Annie-inspired Barbie dolls. She’s been everything!)

Naomi was charged with organizing a debutant ball as her first major event-planning assignment — I’m not convinced she didn’t just recycle the decorations from season two’s Snowflake Ball — and ended up getting frisky with one of the marines. But her boss, who should have been furious, somehow let her off the hook. I’ll be honest: My dog was distracting me, so I missed her explanation, but I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of “It’s OK, we sluts gotta stick together.”

Meanwhile, Navid’s (Michael Steger) police drama came to a conclusion when his dad — yes, these kids really do have parents — returned and volunteered to turn himself in. As much as I love Tiffany Hines, I think we’re all ready to see this story line go bye-bye. Navid needs to get his priorities straight and return to the family porn business. Silver (Jessica Stroup) can finally be the director she’s always wanted to be!

And speaking of Silver, 90210 saved this week’s biggest surprise for the final moments. Silver was introduced to her new boyfriend’s daughter, who he revealed was adopted. From a teenager. Three years earlier. It’s Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) baby and I totally called it!

OK, it’s reaction time: Were you crushed when Liam and Vanessa touched mouths? Did you see the big baby twist coming a mile away? And, honestly, how much hotter is Annie now that she’s filthy rich? Head to the comments section, my friends!

— Andy Swift

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