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'The Secret Circle' Winter Premiere: 5 Reasons To Get Excited

Wed, January 4, 2012 3:41pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments
Courtesy of The CW

‘The Secret Circle’ returns Jan. 5 and I’ve got a few hints about what’s going down in Chance Harbor…

Grab your crystals and slip on your v-necks, kids, because The Secret Circle is finally returning to our lives! I’ve already seen the Jan. 5 winter premiere — so many times I’ve lost count, actually — and at the risk of using my corniest line ever, it’s pretty magical. From sexy grandmas to brooding voodoo witches, I narrowed down the five things I think you’ll be most excited to see on the new episode.

1. Bad-ass Cassie: Not only do we learn a ton about Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) dark magic this week — thanks to the arrival of an absurdly sexy grandma, I kid you not — but we also get to see it in action like never before. And the best part? Cassie enjoys every minute of it.

2. Faye’s rebellion: Come on, guys — how long did you think Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) would play nice with the rest of the witches? Not only does she cook up a little plot on the winter premiere, but she even ropes in another circle member to help her. And things get… pretty hot.

3. Grey Damon: Fans of Friday Night Lights — and the also-short-lived Nine Lives of Chloe King — might actually squeal when they see Grey Damon on screen for the first time. Without giving too much away, he’s broodier than ever before. Also, he sort of gets to second base with someone. You’ll see what I mean.

4. Coolest magic scene yet: If I wasn’t sitting and typing right now, I’d be standing and clapping. The special effects team outdid themselves on this episode by pulling off the coolest stunt the show has had to date. I can’t say what it is, but I can say that it involves Cassie. And an explosion.

5. Chris Zylka: Let’s be honest, we were all heartbroken watching Jake slowly disappear into the distance on his boat during the show’s fall finale. So I’m happy to say that, while he may not be rocking his trademark v-neck, our boy Chris Zylka is very much present in the winter premiere.

— Andy Swift

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