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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Messer FINALLY Hears Ali's MRI Results — Was It Good Or Bad News?

Wed, December 28, 2011 12:40am EDT by 5 Comments

Leah and Corey get closer to an answer about Ali’s medical drama, selfish Adam walks out on Chelsea when she needs him the most, Jenelle convinces Kieffer to turn himself in and Kailyn’s sex talk makes Jordan totally uncomfortable!

This week’s Teen Mom 2 episode is packed with shocking, moments! Jenelle takes Kieffer to turn himself in, but the ride turns into a MAJOR guilt trip. Kailyn tries to talk about sex, baby — but Jordan’s too shy! Leah and Corey FINALLY get some happy news about Ali’s medical issues, and Adam’s the bad guy in Chelsea’s life yet again. What story had you on the edge of your seat this week?

Leah Messer: Ali’s MRI results have come in, and it’s time for Leah and Corey to find out the results. Leah takes off work to go to the doctor, but Corey can’t. He suggests she takes her mom or sister, but they’re busy, too. Can Leah handle getting the results alone? “Ali needs you to be strong for her, so you can do this,” her mom says. Leah’s sister wonders if Corey’s avoiding going because he’s scared of the results. Luckily, he has nothing to be scared about. The results are in and the good news outweighs the bad: Ali’s right optic nerve is small and will likely never improve, but there’s nothing wrong with her brain! YAY! What a huge relief!

Kailyn Lowry: Kailyn and her mom haven’t spoken since the TV incident, but things are heating up with Jordan. Turns out the couple are having sex now, but Kailyn waited until three months into their relationship to make sure he was there for the long haul. He passed the test, and they’re using birth control (good!). But there’s still a slight risk: Kailyn forgets to take the pill all the time. She’s looking into other options — no siblings for Isaac just yet! Kailyn takes Isaac to the gynecologist. He gets to play with a vaginal ring — it’s probably clean, but still… eww — and we’re treated to the awfully personal scene of the doctor putting Kailyn’s Mirena in. Nice. Kailyn tries to talk to Jordan about her doctor’s visit, but he’s not having it. She keeps trying to go into more detail, but he’s so uncomfortable — he’s one step away from putting his fingers in his ears and singing “La la la la.” Has anybody talked about the birds and the bees to this guy before? Turns out, nobody has talked to Jordan about sex. He admits he was uncomfortable, and he’s going to try to be more open.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea and Adam had another big fight. He walked out and took Aubree with him. “Are you surprised?” Chelsea’s sister asks. The audience isn’t. I think Chelsea’s dad sums up this entire story line: “There’s your Prince Charming.” This Prince Charming isn’t going to save the day though — he skips out on driving Chelsea to her physical therapy appointment. The physical therapist asks if anybody is at home to help Chelsea, she pauses because let’s be honest, Adam isn’t. He finally shows up with Aubree, but only to drop her off and leave again. See ya, Adam.

Jenelle Evans: Kieffer’s out of the picture (for now), so all is well between Jenelle and Barbara. She’s catching up on school, hanging out with Jace and her 19th birthday approaches! Barbara and Jace bring Jenelle her gifts — Fix-A-Flat and jumper cables. Barbara cackles at Jenelle’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction. Guess this is what getting along looks like? Better than screaming, at least. Of course, Kieffer shows up to stir the pot. He asks Jenelle to take him to turn himself in and asks what the status of their relationship is. Last time I checked, domestic abuse means the relationship is over, but Jenelle says she isn’t sure. On the way, he tries to guilt her. “I don’t deserve to sit in jail,” he whines. Yeah, you do. His pouting doesn’t work on Jenelle, and Kieffer turns himself in.

-Anna Moeslein

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