Kylie Jenner’s Super Sexy Bandage Dress & Cleavage: Too Much at 14!

Looking more like her big sis Kim than a fresh-faced teen, the skintight Herve Leger dress, pumped up cleavage and sky-high platform pumps were just too over-the-top! The bandage dress is definitely a Kardashian staple and the reality gals love to show off their signature curves -- but Kylie Jenner should have waited a few years before slipping into the sexy number in Las Vegas on Dec. 15. Her sparkling Herve Leger fit her like a glove, putting her cleavage and her curves on full display -- and it was totally inappropriate for the 14-year-old! Not only was the dress too mature for Kylie, but she looked ridiculous -- it was almost as if she was playing dress up in her big sis Kim's closet.

kylie jenner bandage dress sexy

While Kylie’s 16-year-old sister Kendall Jenner was the focus of criticism after posing for scantily-clad model shots, this is the first time Kylie’s outfit choices drew such negative attention — and I think this is way worse! It’s one thing to look a certain way when you’re on set modeling, but it’s quite another to walk the red carpet in such an inappropriate outfit. Kylie has so many years ahead of her to dress like a sexy Kardashian — there’s no reason to grow up so fast in this bandage dress! Taking it a step further, the young reality star opted for a platform pair of Christian Louboutin pumps.

Kylie, you definitely need to slow down — and leave the sexy dressing to your older sisters until you’re all grown up!

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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