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Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twins?

Wed, December 14, 2011 11:04am EDT by 24 Comments

Insiders close to the star say she’s been taking fertility drugs… and they worked! Is Jen having not one, but TWO babies?

Jennifer Aniston has only been dating boyfriend Justin Theroux less than a year, but she can’t wait to have kids with him! And now she’s finally pregnant, according to a new report in Star magazine. “She’s been taking fertility drugs, which can lead to multiples,” a friend close to Jen revealed to Star. “Jen thinks she’s having twins.”

Friends say that the couple have been planning on babies for months now. “Jen was sure early on that Justin was The One, so they’ve been trying for a baby for a while,” a source said. “Jen felt that there was no reason to wait.”

But the 42-year-old actress and 40-year-old actor weren’t having luck at first, so Jen turned to fertility drugs. “Jen definitely looks pregnant,” a neighbor told Star. “My kitchen window overlooks a bedroom in Jen’s house, and I see her changing clothes from time to time. She seems to have a baby bump — it’s more than just a bloated belly.”

Friends say there’s more signs than just a possibly baby bump: “She’s usually the first to pop open a bottle of wine or suggest sunset margaritas, but she claims she’s cutting back,” a friend said. The nosy neighbor has also seen other signs, too: “She’s had lots of friends visiting, bringing her things. And when they’re there, she doesn’t lift a finger. She’s always hanging out on the couch and eating Haagen-Dazs.”

Jen’s friends also say she’s been testing out her mothering skills with her celeb mommy friends’ kids. Sheryl Crow “has invited Jen to spend time with her boys so she can get a feel for what it’s like to be around kids,” said one source. She’s had plenty of time with her BFF Courtney Cox’s daughter, Coco. “Jen is really good with her and just dotes on her,” an insider revealed. “Everyone tells her she’s going to make a great mom.”

Although being pregnant would be a dream come true for Jen, don’t expect to hear an official announcement anytime soon. “Jen’s always said that she wouldn’t announce a pregnancy until she was well into her second trimester,” an insider explained.

In the meantime, her friends and family couldn’t be happier for her and Justin. “Everyone in Jen’s family is buzzing that she’s finally pregnant,” one source said. “After a few false alarms, it looks like it’s finally happening for her.”

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