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Kris Humphries CLEARLY Was In Love With Kim Kardashian In 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York'!

Mon, December 5, 2011 1:18pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 104 Comments
Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries was no villain on last nights’ ‘Kim & Kourtney Take New York’ episode.  He’s so happy to be with Kim — the divorce mystery deepens.

I bet all of us are looking for serious signs of what went wrong in Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage.

Now we’re even more mystified after watching Kris look like a puppy dog completely caught up in adoring his “little” wife Kim, on last night’s show.

When Kris Humphries left New York City to fly home to Minnesota without Kim, his motives and frustrations became completely understandable when he and Kim finally discussed them within the quiet confines of his own home.

Kris pleaded with Kim. I need to escape the distractions of New York City. I need to escape the fighting between Kourtney and Scott. I need to escape baby Mason playing outside my door. I need to focus on my career — keeping myself in shape for basketball. That’s what Kris told Kim.

In other words, he needed to escape the madness that can be the Kardashian’s lives, especially when they are shooting one of their shows.

Can you blame him? The poor guy was married less than a month. He wanted to be married and spend time with his wife…alone.

That is completely understandable, don’t you think?

When Kris picks up groceries in Minnesota and brings them home for the pair to cook dinner together, he couldn’t seem happier. “Is this what married life is like,” he says, completely thrilled. Though of course the pair aren’t alone at all. A camera crew is there recording their first home – cooked – together married meal.

Still, compared to the chaos of what must have been their life in New York City, being at Kris’s home in Minnesota, ONLY with a camera crew and hair and makeup artists but minus any other Kardashians, must have felt like near-solitude.

In any case, I couldn’t help sympathizing with Kris being a runaway groom. He needed to get his wife away from the rest of the clan and get some downtime and discussion time for the two of them and he probably didn’t know how else to get her attention.

He seemed sweet, in love and in over his head. Kim said she wanted to make her marriage work and after tears and some talk, she suggested some solutions to Kris that could make their marriage work without the pair having to live in two totally separate cities.

What we didn’t see was any evidence of a villainous Kris. Kris partying at night at clubs without Kim, Kris trying to horn in on Kim’s fame and looking for a PR person or agent to get him gigs at clubs, Kris insulting Kim.

None of those things which apparently derailed the marriage. In fact, he appeared to be focused on his career- something Kim was supposedly worried, he was blowing off. To be fair, Kris did joke about Kim’s underarm odor but it had to be a joke because the next moment he was hugging her.

In any case a BO comment shouldn’t be grounds for divorce.

So what didn’t we see? This episode was filmed about a month after the marriage. That leaves about 42 days to divorce. We know Kris didn’t commit an unpardonable offense like physical abuse or major cheating or we would DEFINITELY know about it.

Kim — you wanted to make your marriage work on or around day 30. What REALLY happened? Are you still sure you want to divorce Kris Humphries, who appears lovable and so in love with you?

It’s really not that easy to find a nice guy. Maybe, you need to give this one another chance.It’s probably not too late!

— Bonnie Fuller

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