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Russ Says: Other Bands Play, Manowar Kills

Wed, November 30, 2011 2:27pm EDT by Russ Weakland 2 Comments

Known to many as the loudest heavy metal band in the world (a record thats been broken by them on three separate occasions), Manowar showed how it was done at their Battle Hymns tour stop at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey Nov. 19. It was an epic night of heavy metal that you have to see to believe.

My first concert ever was Manowar about fifteen years ago in a random bar in New York City, it was at this point that I became a fan for life. One thing that happens in the fickle music landscape of the United States is that bands like Manowar were not heard on the radio often or ever. So as they made there name and legend in Europe and the rest of the world, it was few and far between that one of the best bands in the world would ever be heard or would visit the United States. Thankfully one of those times was at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey on Nov. 19. And like a fine wine, Manowar has got better with age.

The night started with opener HolyHell fronted by Maria Breon who brings and epic sound to heavy metal on awesome tracks like, “Holy Water” and “Prophecy”. You never know how a opener is going to be, and sometimes they can make you wish for the band you paid for even more. But what HolyHell achieved was what most openers never receive and that is major respect from the crowd. But after their incredible version of “Holy Diver” it was time for the main event.

There was a sense in the crowd that you don’t see at rock shows, the chanting was endless, the anticipation was genuine. Everyone was there for a great night of Heavy Metal, and they got it! And since Manowar is known to be loud, they didn’t disappoint as I was blown back multiple times from the speakers after a few legendary guitar solos and drum battle cries. Classic songs like, “Black, Wind, Fire and Steel” and “Hail ad Kill” reigned supreme but it was the complete concert that was completely top notch. Everyone of their songs on the nights setlist was truly incredible.

In a world that is devoted to choreographed moves, lip synching and other nonsense, when you pay for a Manowar concert, you are paying for more then just a show, you are paying for an experience. They could have played more then the two plus hours that they did and everyone would have been happy, nobody wanted them to leave the stage. So while your waiting for their grand return it might be fine time to get their CD’s and DVD’s to hold you over because this concert was awesome and they are incredible to say the least.

So HollywoodLifers, it is still unknown when Manowar will return to the United States but it might be time to start a campaign to get them to Los Angeles and other states for a US Tour. Brothers and Sisters of Metal, it is time to get what you deserve and that is the legend that is Manowar!

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Russ Weakland

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