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Parents Outraged At New Co-Sleeping Campaign

Sat, November 26, 2011 8:00am EDT by 7 Comments


Parents are FURIOUS at a new ad campaign that compares babies sleeping with their parents to babies sleeping next to a giant meat cleaver! Do you agree?

The campaign was a public service ad put out by Milwaukee’s Health Department and meant to encourage parents to buy a crib rather than have their kids sleep with in parents’ beds, according to The Daily Mail. Isn’t that a bit drastic?

When hearing the reason for the controversial ad it seems understandable, but the visuals make it very unexpected. Parents have spoken out — some more drastic than others — like Cafe Mom blogger Christie Haskell, for example: “I find myself p****d at a campaign that tells you how to safely CRIB sleep but demonizes co-sleeping, rather than teaching how to safely do that too.”

Others agree with the ad: “From an advertising point of view it’s certainly effective if not a bit over the top … it’s grabbed your attention therefore doing its job.”

Some feel that it is a necessary ad due to the many deaths that have recently happened because of co-sleeping: “Baby after baby is dying in this state, all while co-sleeping. Sometimes, drastic situations call for drastic measures.”

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Is the ad too over-the-top, or do you agree?

Raisa Sendrovich

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