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New Travel Concerns: Will Your Tots Be Seated At The Back Of The Plane?

Sat, November 26, 2011 8:00am EDT by 22 Comments

Kids On Planes

If you’re planning to travel over Thanksgiving weekend, beware of the new travel policies some airlines are putting into effect — it could mean that your kiddos will be bumped to the back of the plane!

Recently, airlines have been making strides to separate families. But why would they do that? It’s an attempt to place kids at the back of planes, creating what some refer to as “baby ghettos,” according to Time.

Some families have filed complaints because they booked seats in close proximity to each other, only to have the seating chart changed upon arrival at the airport — instead, their young children are exiled to the back of the plane!

Most of the time, these arrangements place kids alone in the back of the plane — and sometimes, airlines will seat children as young as two years old between two strangers! Parents have complained to the airlines about their issues, but most airline representatives argue that during the holiday season, flights are overbooked and seating arrangements cannot be changed.

Mixed reactions have surfaced as a result of these policies, with parents outraged at the discrimination and most single travelers delighted at the thought of a relatively quiet flight.

What do you think HollyMoms? Do you agree or disagree with this new traveling trend?

-Lauren Kalma