Kim Kardashian's Former BFFs Siding With Kris Humphries During Divorce

Kim has alienated her friends from her life -- and now an insider reveals Kim's inner circle is giving Kris advice on how to handle the divorce. Kim Kardashian needs to start keeping her friends close, especially now that she filed for divorce from Kris Humphries on Oct. 31. A source reveals that two of Kim's closest friends have been communicating with Kris, even going as far as to support him during this emotional time!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

“Kim would be LIVID if she found out that two of her friends have been talking to Kris, as recently as late Sunday night,” the insider tells “Kim’s inner circle was shocked that she decided to end her marriage, and that Kris has essentially been disposed of.”

And it turns out it’s actually Kim who cut her friends out of her life.

“Her former friends have been shut out of Kim’s life since the decision was made to file for divorce, which has been shocking to her former BFFs,” the insider continues. “Kim’s pals also feel that they are disposable in the Kardashian world, even more insulting to them is they have known Kim for over 10 years.”

“The contact between Humphries and Kim’s posse haven’t been bashing her, rather, the girls are offering their support to Kris,” adds the insider. “They feel bad for him, and are giving him advice on how to move forward.”

Kim has also allegedly cut her bestie Brittny Gastineau out of her life: “She is very hurt that Kim has frozen her out of her life right now,” a source tells the site.

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