'Sister Wives' Preview: The Sister Wives Get Freaked Out By Half Naked Las Vegas Dancers

The Sister Wives FINALLY hit the Las Vegas strip and argue that Sin City is about sex NOT polygamy. When Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn hit the Sin City strip for a stroll in this week's Sister's Wives episode, which airs Sunday, Nov 20, , they can't help but flip out when they first start eyeing bikini-clad young women dancing on bars.

“Look at these girls dancing up there on the bar and I think — that’s somebody’s daughter. That’s somebody’s little girl,” says Meri sadly.

But the wives are right to draw comparisons between the perceptions about their polygamous marriage and the very real hypersexuality peddled in Law Vegas. It’s hypocritical, they believe and I can’t argue with that.

“People look at our lifestyle as if it’s all about sex … if this is all about sex, why take on the responsibility of supporting her children,” asks Christine.

“Why be there emotionally,” Robyn adds.

Hmm. I still think Kody like the sex … with four different women. He sure seemed hot for Robyn on their honeymoon.

But nevertheless, I can understand Janelle‘s frustration with being accused of being sexually motivated.

“We’re so conservative in our dress and in the way we view things and when we run into something that’s so blatantly opposite from yourself, it’s always kind of oh …” says Janelle.

“I kind of feel like everybody has to choose. Some choose ( selling sex, like the Las Vegas dancers, I believe, she means). Some choose it out of necessity and I do think some choose it because they don’t mind the attention and I just have to ask that people allow me to choose…” she adds.

So, the sister wives think that if women are free to exploit their sexuality to make money, she should be allowed to choose to be in a polygamous marriage.

Does she have a point? What do you think, Hollywoodlifers?

Come to Hollywoodlife.com next Monday for my Sister Wives recap! Tell me what you think then!

— Bonnie Fuller

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