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Blair Waldorf Better Be Running To Chuck Bass — Here's Why

Tue, November 15, 2011 1:12pm EDT by 70 Comments

This just in Chair fans — Blair Waldorf is a runaway bride, and I couldn’t be happier. But where is she going? Perhaps to Hotel Empire?

Enough is enough, Gossip Girl writers! You have dragged on Blair and Prince Louis’ engagement for far too long. The final Chair reunion better be the best one EVER. And I’d say (as cliche as it may be) Blair running out of her royal wedding into Chuck’s arms will be the best ending to her fairytale. Don’t you agree?

This photo is solid proof Blair (Leighton Meester) will not go through with her wedding to Prince Louis (Hugo Becker). And isn’t it strange that she doesn’t look pregnant AT ALL? Or is it just me?

Just like executive producer Josh Safran told us back in September, “You will see all steps up to, at least, if not including, Blair’s wedding.” Well, it looks like we will see Blair’s wedding — and then Blair running out of her wedding.

It’s unclear where she is going, but I’m hoping she’s running into the arms of Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). I’m expecting a scene full of kisses, tears and “I love you’s.'” Maybe they’ll even head to the courthouse and get hitched. She IS wearing a wedding dress after all!

Maybe I’m getting too ahead of myself here, but you get the point, Blair better be on her way to see Chuck Bass and here’s why:

#1 It would be the best Gossip Girl  love scene ever!

Chuck and Blair have been going back and forth in their relationship for two seasons now. They’ve hooked up, made up and chucked up. And just when we get so close to them getting back together something inevitably goes wrong! Talk about bad timing with these two! So after everything they’ve gone through — crashing Jewish weddings, pregnancies and all — I’m quite confident their final reunion will be the most incredible love scene GG viewers have ever seen.

#2 Prince Louis Needs To Return To Monaco Without Blair!

Seriously, who has let this guy stay on GG as long as he has? Prince Louis has no personality and no chemistry with Blair at all. He’s an Upper East Side ruiner! I’m assuming after Blair runs out of her own wedding, Louis won’t stick around for much longer. Fingers crossed.

#3 Blair and Chuck Are A Power House Couple!

Blair is after all the Princess of Manhattan and Chuck is King. Blair doesn’t have to be officially titled a princess to actually be a princess. Together they will own 5th Avenue and be top royalty among Manhattan’s elite. The UES needs them to be together!

#4 Chuck Is A Changed Man

No matter what Blair thinks, I’m convinced he’s a changed man. Chuck has made too many mistakes with Blair in the past that I’m certain he’s learned a lesson or two. This time around they will finally be in a happy, drama-free relationship! The good Chuck makes Blair happy like no other man can.

Sure there are complications along the way like the BABY. If Blair runs out of her own wedding — assuming she leaves Louis — what’s going to happen to their unborn child? While it looks like the baby is already out of the picture at this point (where is her bump?) nothing is for certain. Plus, her dress is poofy and could be hiding the bump.

Any way, I’m happy Blair isn’t going to marry Prince Louis. It’s a huge relief. Here’s to hoping she at least makes a pit stop at the Hotel Empire on her way to wherever she is going! Even that would be a good Chair scene …


— Nicole Karlis

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