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Moms Are Giving Birth Without A Doctor Or A Midwife! Are They CRAZY?!?

Fri, November 11, 2011 5:41pm EDT by 11 Comments

The free birth movement opts out of using a doctor or a trained midwife during the birth! Our obstetrician said this is TOTALLY ‘negligent’!

The Daily Mail reported the story of Cher Sievey, a designer and mom of three, who has given birth to not one, but two kids without the help of a trained professional. Can you believe this?!? She said a doctor told her she should be put in prison — even our expert was shocked she would attempt this!

The article discussed the ‘solo’ or ‘free birth’ movement, which some moms are turning to, including about 7,000 women in the U.S. every year! Unhappy with medical professionals and expensive midwife services, these women praise the freedom of giving birth at home in a natural setting. But at what risk?

“One doctor said I should be put in prison for what I planned to do,” Cher laughed. “One friend called me crazy. I suspect quite a few said the same behind my back.” We suspect so, too!

We asked obstetrician Dr. Tara Solomon her opinion on this controversial birthing method, and she said it was the dumbest thing she’s ever heard!

“I believe it’s a negligent mother to do that,” she said. “You’re taking your own chances!” Dr. Tara cited the significant risks involved including the increased rick of infant mortality, risk of maternal death and hemorrhages among other complications that could go wrong!

“You’re basically turning your delivery into a third world country,” she explained. If something went wrong with the birth, there’s no neonatal ICU nearby or even a doctor to help resuscitate. “It’s like going back to the 1800s.”

Did Cher consider the risks? For her second birth, she didn’t even have an emergency back-up plan! “Do I consider that reckless?” she said. “Not at all. A healthy person, giving birth at home is absolutely normal and natural. Whatever happened that night, we would have dealt with it.”

Do you think this woman is reckless? She took a HUGE risk having her child without any medical help! Or do you support the free birth movement?

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