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Kim Kardashian: You Can't Dump Kris Humphries And Then Use Him For Damage Control!

Wed, November 9, 2011 6:06pm EDT by HL Intern 15 Comments

Kim — several new reports are suggesting that the real reason you flew to Minnesota to see Kris was simply for “damage control,” and NOT to discuss your marriage.

If this is the case Kim Kardashian — and I really hope it’s not — then you need to stop going down that road now! It is not good for Kris or fair to him in any way AND it’s actually REALLY not good for you either.

Here at we had a source close to the situation who told us that your trip to Minnesota last weekend (Nov. 6) wasn’t really about discussing how your marriage had gone wrong and how it could possibly be fixed.

Instead, the source says it was actually a trip to encourage Kris Humphries NOT to talk to the press. “She was making sure that he wouldn’t do ‘anything stupid’ and would ‘lay low’ and not talk to any media outlet,” said our source. “She seemed more about controlling how her brand is affected than reconciling the relationship.”

Oh Kim! You have to clear your brain and come back down to  planet earth. You have to stop thinking about yourself as a reality show star and remind yourself that you are a real human being and so is Kris.

If you truly married Kris because you are a “hopeless romantic” and you thought Kris was “the one,” then you have to remember that Kris clearly felt truly romantically about you. He LOVED you! He may still LOVE you like he says he does. And he can see through you if you are just trying to manipulate him into passively behaving, accepting the divorce, staying mum about your marriage and then quietly disappearing while you pursue the next story line for your reality show.

Kris clearly is already feeling manipulated. His father, William, spoke out in Life & Style magazine this week and said Kris “was blindsided” by the divorce and that “he’s hurting.”

If you truly went to Minnesota just to try and make amends with Kris and his family, then why didn’t you do the utmost to keep your visit on the downlow.

Did you really need to step outside onto the porch where you’d be photographed looking gloomy and making phone calls?

Was that accidental or a photo op?

Kim — you may be able to control a lot of things in your life and you may have felt in control planning your $10 million fairytale wedding, but you can’t control your soon-to-be-ex-husband’s feelings.

You can’t “damage control” him. If he’s hurting, he’s hurting. And if he and his family want to say their piece, they will do it whether you like it or not. Your mom Kris Jenner was on TV everywhere last week spinning the Kardashian version of the break-up of your 72-day marriage.

And kudos to her, she steered clear of any direct insults to Kris.

I’m sure Kris doesn’t want things to get ugly either, but you really do need to make sure you work with him in an honest way.

I hope you already are. But just remember that Kris is NOT collateral damage!

— Bonnie Fuller

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