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Lisa Irwin's Parents Are Hurting The Investigation, Attorney Says!

Mon, November 7, 2011 6:28pm EDT by 2 Comments
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Our expert weighs in on the missing baby Lisa case, and she says the parents are acting very strangely! Does the mom know where Lisa is?

Top New York family law attorney Vikki Ziegler says if the parents had nothing to do with Lisa Irwin’s disappearance they should be helping with the case, and not refusing interviews with police!

Lisa’s mother, Deborah Bradley, has admitted to being drunk the night her daughter disappeared, and she’s changed her story that she originally told police.

“If you drink and pass out, it’s not a crime,” Vikki told Bonnie Fuller. “If you haven’t done anything to your harm you child, so to me that’s why it’s so strange how come they’re not talking more than they should to the police.”

According to Vikki, the parents are protecting themselves, when their focus should be on doing everything they can to find Lisa. Instead, they’re not as involved as many think they should be.

“Because she’s not doing that and acting so bizarre, you want to kind of point the finger at her and say ‘Something’s not right,'” Vikki said. She said statistics show most of the time — though not always — a family member has something to do with a child’s disappearance. Because Deborah is avoiding police, it makes her appear as if she has something to hide.

What do YOU think? Is Deborah not telling the whole story? Or does she know nothing?

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