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'The Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie & Jake Get Closer… To A Dead Body!

Fri, November 4, 2011 12:05am EDT by Andy Swift 5 Comments
secret circle 1x08

Do you think there’s still hope for Jake to become a good guy? This week’s episode gave me hope.

A quiet evening at Faye’s (Phoebe Tonkin) grandfather’s cabin turned into a total nightmare on the Nov. 3 episode of The Secret Circle, thanks to a tense game of truth-or-dare, a pesky little ghost, and — oh yeah — a dead body!

I’d like to begin by saying how much I love Diana (Shelley Hennig.) She began the series as such an uptight know-it all, but has since evolved into the reckless bitch I always knew she could be. Case in point: Even though she and Adam (Thomas Dekker) are technically broken up, she still arranged for Cassie (Britt Robertson) to drive up to the cabin with Jake (Chris Zylka) in a separate car. Like Faye said, Diana still doesn’t want “the competition” anywhere near Adam.

Diana’s amazing bitchery continued during the circle’s game of truth-or-dare when she interrupted someone else’s turn and dared Cassie to kiss Jake. She gladly accepted the challenge, prompting Faye to flip out and call Cassie a “one-woman relationship wrecking crew.” I think Faye’s anger was a little misplaced — shouldn’t she have gotten more upset with Diana? — but it made for some pretty terrific fireworks, nonetheless.

All the Adam-Diana drama led to a steamy hookup between them — and I couldn’t have been more pleased to see it happen. I understand that Adam and Cassie’s families have that whole weird destiny thing going for them, but the fact is that Adam’s real chemistry is with Diana. Not Cassie.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Faye kept seeing a strange little girl, who turned out to be some sort of spirit incarnation of Faye as a little girl. And even though she was super-creepy, she also helped lead the circle to the lake, where Cassie used her dark magic — gulp — to raise Henry’s corpse out of the water! Spooky.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom this week. One of the final scenes between Jake and Isaac (JR Bourne) revealed a possible light at the end of the tunnel for Jake fans hoping he might not turn out to be as bad as we think he is. “It’s time for the witches to die,” Isaac told him. “Now you have to decide if you’re still one of them.” You see? There is a chance he’ll come around and remain a faithful member of the circle!

— Andy Swift

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