Is Kris Humphries Forced To Stay Mum Because Of A 'Gag Order'?

We told you Kim and Kris battled over their 40 million dollar prenup and now top divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler is telling us why Kris is keeping quiet in her first-ever HL divorce court blog: We haven’t heard much from the 6"9 NBA star after he was allegedly “blindsided” by his bodacious wife Kim Kardashian's divorce filing on Halloween. All we know is that Kris Humphries says he wants to make the marriage work. What could the reason for Kris' silence be? Could it be that Kim's lawyers were smart enough to stick in a clause in the prenup that literally “gagged” him from spilling the beans about the split?

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Many celebrities demand that a confidentiality clause be included in their coveted prenup to “uber” protect a party from talking about the divorce with anyone without written permission! Money, morals and infidelity are all great reasons celebrities push hard to protect their privacy and their deep, dark secrets. Was Kris silenced in the prenup so that Kim’s private details would not be aired to the world to see, ever? Or maybe it was a mutual clause where both of them are barred from talking about the juicy details and money issues contained in their prenup?

Only time will tell but I do have some advice for Kris to heed before he opens his mouth. If there is a gag clause Kris should stay mum as he would be bound by the terms of the prenup and be in violation of the agreement if he spoke. If there are no restrictions placed upon him, Kris should take the high road and begin to rehabilitate the persona he has created as Kim’s boy toy who broke her heart.

Kris should appear mature and more of a victim than a heart breaker. Someone who wants to find true love, if it’s not with Kim. Who knows, maybe he will become the next Bachelor? Maybe cupid could aim better next time around.

Bottom line: when one spouse asks another to sign a prenup with a confidentiality clause, someone has something to hide. Salacious gossip, millions and immoral behavior are usually off limits and never allowed to be discussed. Lets see if Kris’ lips will be loose or zipped shut in the weeks to come. Even though the marriage lasted 72 days he must have some juicy stories to tell.

— Vikki Ziegler

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