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Lisa Irwin's Parents Give Tour Of Home: We Have 'Nothing To Hide!'

Mon, October 24, 2011 12:14pm EDT by Add first Comment
Lisa Irwin Video

A new video takes you through baby Lisa’s home with a step-by-step look into the night she disappeared!

Investigators have searched Lisa Irwin’s home for every possible clue, and now her parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, have let The Today Show inside for a first look! They said they have “nothing to hide!”

Reporting from Kansas City, NBC’s Peter Alexander toured the house where Lisa disappeared. Lisa’s room was left as it was before she was missing — except for the graphite investigators left on the crib as they dusted for fingerprints.

Peter then walked through the rest of the house, showing a step-by-step look at how an intruder would have had to move. If it was an abduction, the intruder would have had to enter a window in a family room, walk through a hallway past the bedroom Lisa’s brother was sleeping in and then out through the front door.

It was already reported that a cadaver dog discovered a scent of a human corpse near Deborah and Jeremy’s bed. In the same affidavit, Deborah said she didn’t search behind the house for Lisa because she “was afraid of what she might find.”

Watch the video below! HollyMoms, what do YOU think happened to Lisa?

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