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There's Now A MALE Biological Clock, Dads!

Thu, October 20, 2011 3:13pm EDT by Add first Comment
Male Biological Clock

male biological clock

Researchers warn that male fertility declines rapidly after the age of 41!

According to The Daily Mail, men older than 45 who want a family but don’t have children should start actively trying! A study of IVF patients in which man’s sperm fertilized an egg from a donor revealed that fertility declined by up to 7% with each extra year on a man’s age between 41 and 45. After 45 years of age, fertility declined even more!

The study used donor eggs that were from young, healthy women — meaning any issues in pregnancy were due to the sperm. The average age of men whose partners got IVF treatment was 41, but the average age in which the IVF was unsuccessful was 45.

Researcher Paula Fettback told The Daily Mail that age counts. “Men have a biological clock, too,” she said. “It is not the same for women, but they can’t wait forever to have children.”

The study was announced at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference. In a second study announced at the conference, fertility plummeted in male mice from a year old — an equivalent to being middle-age in people.

But according to The Daily Mail, some experts think fathers shouldn’t worry. Charles Kingsland, a consultant gynecologist at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, said the quality of a woman’s egg is much more important.

“I wouldn’t go rushing off to procreate on the basis that tomorrow my fertility might drop,” he added.

-Anna Moeslein


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