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Justin Bieber Loves His Beliebers…Even Though They're Nuts: 'My Fans Are Perfect!'

Thu, October 20, 2011 9:15pm EDT by 147 Comments
Justin Bieber Fans

Even though he doesn’t have an ounce of privacy and his fans try to break down his doors, Justin Bieber has the best attitude toward Beliebers! He wouldn’t change a thing!

Justin Bieber has quite possibly the most aggressive and obsessed fans in the world. Wherever he goes, thousands of die-hard Beliebers follow, which has got to become overwhelming and old very quickly. However, I have to give props to the 17-year-old pop star for never putting his guard up when it comes to his followers.

During his interview with MTV following the premiere of his “Mistletoe” video, Justin was asked about his South American fans in particular. The interviewer described the thousands of screaming girls who broke through barricades at Justin’s various hotels and then asked Justin if he ever wishes to get away from all of the attention, even just for a little bit.

Justin could have very easily said, “Yeah, man. It’s rough sometimes. I love them, but sometimes I wish I could go back to being a kid for a day.” I probably would have said that. Jeez, it’s one thing to be famous, but it’s a whole other thing to be BIEBER.

However, Justin just smiled and came up with the best response ever. “I don’t wish anything,” he said, simply. “My fans are perfect the way they are.”

And you know what? I believe him. Even though I’ve watched Justin snub journalists on multiple occasions, he always goes out of his way for his fans.

I first met Justin nearly two years ago at his free concert for Radio Disney at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles. Fans started to get hurt because of the huge mob of people and lack of security at the event. Even though he wasn’t yet the seasoned veteran he’s become today, Justin stopped his concert and demanded everyone behave before he continued. After the show, Justin insisted the girls who were hurt be brought back to meet him, take photos and get autographs. For two hours, I watch him first-hand talk to his fans one at a time.Justin must have been exhausted after the entire ordeal (he was only 15!), but he still put his fans first and foremost — and it’s an attitude he’s kept ever since.

Justin, even though you’ve grown exponentially into one of the biggest celebrities in the world, it’s refreshing to see how grounded you’ve stayed in regards to your Beliebers. Keep up the good work…you deserve all the success you’ve achieved!

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