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'Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Rachel Gives Birth & Jeremiah's Back!

Tue, October 18, 2011 11:35pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 3 Comments

Rachel gives birth & gets diamonds, Joey goes to NYC & Jeremiah preps the nursery!

Rachel Zoe finally put her blackberry down to prepare for the arrival of her baby — and while everyone else seems to understand the importance of the life-altering events that Rach needs to mentally prepare for, Joey is overly enthusiastic and as loud as ever. Rachel is officially done working, but apparently packing her bag for the hospital is just like a fitting, because it involves vintage Halston, Chanel, oh, and a gorgeous Neil Lane sparkler. Obviously anyone who is packing a change of clothes, underwear, and pajamas is clearly underdressed!

With Rachel out of commission and Molly Sims preparing for an event in NYC, Joey is forced into his first solo styling job — which he says is totally fine, because he does Molly’s hair and makeup all the time and they “gab like girlfriends.” While he may go into the job super confident, with his I’ve-had-five-cups-of-coffee enthusiasm, he quickly realizes there’s a lot to learn. Joey heads to NYC and for a second it’s like we’re seeing double — apparently Joey has a brother who’s just like him! The only difference I noticed was that he didn’t have the same taste and didn’t approve of the majority of the looks Joey selected. Hmm, I wonder if that means I would like it if he were styling for Rachel instead?

Although Molly didn’t love a lot of the looks, in the end she looked gorgeous in Rachel Roy and Joey managed to pull off his first styling job. Back at camp Zoe, they realize the nursery is practically in shambles and re-hire Jeremiah for the project. Once again, everyone is off working on other things while Jeremiah is alone in the empty home — but hey, he’s back on camera and he knows how to speak softly so I can’t complain. While Jeremiah is setting up the nursery, we learn another valuable lesson ala Zoe: regardless of what’s hanging in your closet, Rachel’s unborn baby is more stylish than you are. Jeremiah is in awe when he realizes that baby Zoe already owns everything from the Fall AllSaints collection — even though he isn’t even born. BEYOND.

Rodger is so excited that the baby is due to come any day that he wants to hire a videographer to get up close and personal during every moment of the delivery — clearly Rachel, (as would the majority of sane women in the world who don’t want to re-watch), says this is no-go. Instead, Rodg decides to treat Rach to a ‘push present.’ Granted, I don’t know much about this process to begin with, but push presents? Are those really part of the deal now? If this is a new trend, then Rodg certainly set the bar high when he splurged on a 10-carat cushion-cut diamond ring.

Finally the biggest event of the season is upon us — Rachel is in labor! While Rodg excitedly attempts to videocamera the moments before the hospital, Rachel is fluffing her hair and trying to focus on what’s to come. Hours later, Rodg teaches us a new lesson: giving birth is not like how it looks in the movies. It’s hysterical and mind-boggling that Rodger just learned that it takes a while. After lots of eating, blackberrying, and visiting with guests, Rachel finally does give birth — and she looks so happy and at ease!

Congrats to Rachel & Rodg — we can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for team Zoe now that there’s a baby on board!

Katrina Mitzeliotis