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Michael Lohan Says He Was 'Shocked' When He Saw Photos Of Lindsay's Teeth & Reveals The Text He Sent Her!

Tue, October 18, 2011 1:55pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment
Michael Lohan Lindsay Lohan

We told you Lindsay could be thrown in jail for a year and a half at her hearing on Oct. 19 and her father tells us that it’s all mom Dina Lohan’s fault — and vows to visit Lindsay every day if she goes to jail!

Lindsay Lohan just doesn’t seem to get it, and it’s killing her father Michael Lohan. got a chance to talk to Lindsay’s dad on Oct. 17 and he tells us he was mortified when he saw the photos of Lindsay’s rotting teeth from a red carpet event last week. He goes on to tell us that Lindsay’s own friends and family are enabling her “drug” addiction and that she doesn’t belong in jail!

“There’s been a lot of controversial things said about Lindsay’s teeth,” Michael tells us. ” Anyone in the rehab business knows what the cause of that is from.”

Lindsay is set to go before Judge Stephanie Sautner on Oct. 19 and if the judge finds that Lindsay violated her probation for not completing her mandatory therapy sessions and for missing nine of her community service dates at the Downtown Women’s Center she could be sent back to jail.

“I’m really disheartened and I’m extremely worried about her court situation,” Michael says. “And her well being. If finally Dina [Lohan] would stop putting a wedge between the kids and me and have Lindsay meet with the psychologists then the pain wouldn’t have led them to the place Lindsay is in now. This all rests on Dina’s shoulders.”

Although it’s clear Lindsay has a complete disregard for the law, her dad thinks jail is the last place Lindsay should be.

“I still contend that Lindsay does not belong in jail,” he explains. “She never got the proper rehab or treatment or after care. The fact that she is still on prescription drugs is indicative that she still needs treatment.”

After Michael saw the photos of Lindsay’s teeth, he decided to reach out to her and has the text he sent her:

“After our talk the other night I can see how jaded you are. Even more so is your state of mind and now your mom Dina is coming between all of us. I’m hoping and praying you come back. The pieces of garbage around you … feeding you drugs along with Adderall. I’ll do anything it takes but I need you to listen: If Dina puts the kids [Cody and Ali] back in touch with me I’ll fix everything. I love you and if you will do time I’ll see you every single day.”

— Chloe Melas

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