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Lindsay Lohan Jail Time — At Least 1.5 Years, Lawyer Predicts

Mon, October 17, 2011 6:37pm EDT by 17 Comments
Lindsay Lohan Jail Time

Because she’s reportedly skipping out on court-ordered psychologist appointments and her community service, Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson tells he expects Lindsay Lohan will have to spend at least a year and a half behind bars! Will she EVER learn?

Lindsay Lohan has seemingly been given infinite chances from the law — but according to Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson her lucky days may be numbered. The 25-year-old actress has been reportedly been missing her court-ordered psychologist sessions and her community service hours, which is direct violation of her parole conditions from Judge Stephanie Saunter and could mean she gets thrown behind bars once again.

Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson tells, “It’s difficult to calculate, but I would say that Lindsay Lohan is looking at at least a year and a half of jail time. Under Los Angeles County courts, non-violent felons may serve their time at home under house arrest, but they already tried that with Lindsay last summer and it didn’t work… she had roof-top parties. There were people who had alcohol at her home in Venice. I think she is going to serve jail time this time because she has had too many chances and the judge has no other options but to sentence her to jail. Lindsay has simply not not complied with her probation and her past history to meet probation terms. It’s mind boggling that she has had so many chances.”

Lindsay is due in court this Wednesday and has since been spotted going to the Red Cross every day in an effort to diligently fill her requirements. However, Wilson doesn’t think it’s going to be enough.

“The judge is still going to look at her past behavior and her past behavior shows that she do not comply with her probation agreement by going to the Downtown Women’s Center and seeing her shrink on a regular basis,” he explains. “The judge was assigned to the Downtown Women’s Center for a reason…her judge, Stephanie Sautner, wanted Lindsay to experience first-hand what it was like for down and out women.”

He adds, “Her problem is she’s living in a fantasy world thinking that she will always get off, like she has in the past. The court system has been very lenient on her. Lindsay’s a celebrity. If you don’t complete your probation, eventually an arrest warrant gets issued.”

That said, Lindsay wrote on her website last week begging people to stop believing rumors about her and saying she was following the rules. Clearly, she doesn’t think she’s in the wrong.

Do YOU think Lindsay needs more jail time? What will it take for her to finally realize?

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Reporting by Sandra Clark