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'The Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Jeremiah Gets Fired & A Swimsuit Shoot For 'Elle'!

Wed, October 12, 2011 8:44am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 23 Comments

Rachel & her team have to get a photo shoot together for ‘Elle’ in, you guessed it, 24 hours — and Rach is still due any day now!

Jeremiah was so eager to finally work with Rachel Zoe and get a chance to style on last night’s episode — although unfortunately it didn’t end so well for the adorable employee. He might have been hired for his looks, and while he managed to decorate Rachel’s new home in record time, none of that was enough — but that’s not all that happened! There was also an “incredible” and “amazing” photo shoot that the team had to handle.

The very pregnant Rachel, (who hasn’t bought maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy), had a swimsuit shoot for Elle magazine, and in an attempt to clue in Jeremiah and Joey she has them listen in on a phone call regarding the concept, which consists of “lots of jewels” and “incredible shoes.” All I’ve learned from the call is that there will be lots of amazingness and incredibleness. After the call, Joey and Jeremiah take turns expressing their excitement, and Joey is almost as excited as he was to work with Kim Kardashian — almost.

Rodger visits a friend and expresses his concerns about Rachel’s hectic schedule. The common factor between Rodg and Rach is clear — it isn’t the fact that they both love to accessorize, it’s the fact that they’re both overly dramatic.

Joey is still being an uber biatch to Jeremiah, and the whole situation seems so Junior High School. I’m over it, and I’m over talking about it — although I commend Jeremiah for breaking the tension with a floral headpiece. Unfortunately, the day of the shoot the new assistant doesn’t seem to have the same luck!

While Jeremiah has a panic attack at the shoot, Joey continues to kiss up to Rachel — apparently if you can make your friend laugh you’re worthy of a styling job! Jeremiah is visibly annoyed, and proposes the idea of launching a home division — not the best bet when the overly dramatic Rachel is so pregnant.

In the end, Rodg is the one to let Jeremiah go. Until the baby comes, all we’re left with is whiny, caddy Joey. Even if Jeremiah wasn’t a great stylist, he was visually appealing and way sweeter than Rachel’s BFF, so I’m super sad to see him go. Do you agree?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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