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'Kardashian Wedding Special Part Two Recap: Kim Disinvites Khloe From Her Wedding & Has A Breakdown About Her Dad!

Mon, October 10, 2011 11:49pm EDT by Chloe Melas 5 Comments

We told you Khloe said horrible things to Kris at their engagement party and now Kim and Khloe aren’t speaking — will she miss the wedding?

Kim Kardashian‘s big day is finally here! The final part of the four-hour Kim’s Fariytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event aired on Oct. 10 and it was more spectacular than we thought — but it was filled with more drama than any episode we’ve ever seen!

Kim confronts Khloe about hurting Kris’ feelings and when Khloe defends questioning Kris’ intentions, Kim tells Khloe not to even bother coming to her wedding. Wow! Khloe takes it to heart and up until Kim’s Las Vegas bachelorette party, they aren’t speaking!

But when Kim enters her gorgeous suite, Khloe is there covered in caution tape — surprise! The sisters make up and decide that Kim’s big day is more important and not to fight over the little things. Phew!

But as the weeks turn into days, Kim and Kris are fighting over everything! Kris feels left out of the wedding planning and at some points it seems like Kris is going to back out of the wedding completely!

Kim’s stepdad Bruce Jenner brings over several shirts belonging to Kim’s late father Robert and Kim has a complete breakdown. Kim wants to sew a part of her dad’s shirt into her wedding dress — how sweet. Kim starts crying and says she’s lost sight of what’s really important. Kris walks in on Kim crying and says he’s never seen her like this before — it stops their fighting!

Kim and Kris have been fighting nonstop over whether Kim should change her name to Humphries. When they go to sign the marriage certificates Kim decides to stay a Kardashian and it really upsets Kris. But do you blame her?!

Kim takes Kris to the cemetary to visit her father’s grave — and Kim cries again. Finally Kim and Kris realize that love is the most important thing.

Right before the wedding Kim has to disinvite 150 people. Kris can’t believe it and it becomes a huge ordeal. Can you imagine if you were invited to Kim’s wedding and then told that you couldn’t come!

The wedding day arrives and Kim can’t wait to marry Kris. She looks gorgeous in her dress, and Bruce walks her down the aisle. Kris has never looked so nervous. Baby Mason walks the ring down the aisle and Kourtney almost falls while holding him.

Kim says ‘I’do’ and then proceeds to change into two different gowns for the reception. All of the A-list guests are there and even Robin Thicke performs for their first dance.

Kim’s wedding went completely the way she wanted it to — here’s to Kim and Kris!

Chloe Melas