Meet 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood's New Boyfriend & They're Already Fighting!

Sources tell exclusively that Amber was fuming after catching Jesse dancing with another girl at a bar! Teen Mom star Amber Portwood just doesn't seem to have any luck with guys. First she blows it with her baby daddy Gary Shirley -- and now she's fighting with her new boyfriend Jesse Stone after only dating him for a month!

Sources tell exclusively that Amber had a night out on the town with Jesse on Saturday, Oct. 1 — but what was supposed to be a pleasant evening, turned into a disaster at both at the bars that they went to.

“She hit Jesse in the face — at Jimbo’s Pub & Club,” a source says to us. And this type of thing is expected at Jimbo’s. “That’s a red neck bar from hell. Lets put it this way: if you see a beer bottle getting thrown across the bar, you better duck. Once one of them starts going, they all start going.”

Amber was also spotted getting angry at another bar later in the evening. “She didn’t like some girl dancing with some guy she was with. It was Jesse Stone,” an insider from the 59th Street Pub where the situation went down shares with us. “He was dancing with some girl and she got upset about it. So we took her out of the bar and let her cool off.”

And despite being upset, Amber hung around the rest of the night. “She was at [59th Street] until closing time,” another source reveals to us. “We start kicking people out at 3:00-3:15 a.m.”

Ironically, 59th Street Pub is where Amber first met Jesse, adds the source.

Wow! Amber sure does have the right to get mad at Jesse for getting it on with another girl on the dance floor — but then again, she shouldn’t be hanging out with a loser who treats her poorly.

HollyMoms — do you think Amber needs to drop Jesse immediately?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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