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Demi Moore Looked Gorgeous & Talked Ashton Kutcher On 'GMA' Today, Oct. 6!

Thu, October 6, 2011 11:11am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments

Hey Ashton! Demi Moore looked fierce and spoke eloquently about directing her Lifetime film series, Five, and even discussed your sweet gift.

The question is — as Demi sat on the couch with co-directors Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys, did she have any inkling about her husband’s alleged cheating with blonde Sara Leal, 23, at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The GMA segment with interviewer Robin Roberts was actually taped in NYC on Monday, Sept. 26 — the Monday after Ashton’s wild party night with a dozen  girls on Friday, Sept. 23rd.

If Demi knew that her husband had allegedly bedded Sara and possibly another young hottie two days before, she gave no indication.

On the contrary she spoke affectionately about how Ashton sent her beautiful flowers to the set of her film for the Five series, called “Charlotte.”

Ashton’s flowers which came along with a card that said “I believe in you” made it into a key scene in her movie, Demi revealed.

She also said she had sent Ashton an orchid to the set of Two and A Half Men, to wish him good luck before his first show debuted.

But what Demi was really eloquent about talking about in her fantastic husky voice, was her film work, dealing with issues surrounding breast cancer.

“My piece really shows how one event can really define the direction of someone’s life and also how we dealt with (breast cancer) at that time ( of the film, 1969). To not speak about it, to hide it,to deny it,” she explains.

Demi’s film follows a young girl who can’t understand why her family won’t let her see her mother who lives in her bedroom dying from breast cancer.

Cancer is a subject close to Demi’s heart — her own mother, Virginia Guynes died in 1998 from a brain tumor, at the young age of 54.

If Demi knew about Ashton’s outrageous behavior then she was putting all her acting skills to good use. She looked confident, comfortable and in control. Plus, she spoke with intelligence and gravity, about how she wanted to give hope to breast cancer victims with her film.

“If we can do that, we’ve done a lot!” she emphasized.

But let me just say — if Ashton would rather spend time with young, wild, unaccomplished party girls like Sara Leal, rather than his stunning, accomplished and sexy, husky-voiced wife, he deserves to have have ONLY dim-witted party girls for company!

Demi — you go girl! You’re a class act!

— Bonnie Fuller