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Tim McGraw Confesses: It's Scary To See My Daughters 'Grow Up So Fast!'

Tue, October 4, 2011 5:46pm EDT by 1 Comment

Tim tells all about what it’s like to watch his daughters turn into young women! Read on for all of the details!

Tim McGraw is going through the toughest part of being a parent yet, watching his three little girls — Gracie, 14, Maggie, 13 and Audrey, 9 — turn into young women. Tim tells exclusively that it’s very hard watching his girls grow up!

“Yeah because they’re great girls,” Tim said to us at the Cinema Society & The Weinstein Company special screening of his new movie Dirty Girl. “They’re beautiful girls. I think Gracie is almost 5’7″. They grow up fast.”

Tim’s girls are quickly becoming adults. “My oldest daughter Gracie started high school this year,” he revealed. “She just had her first homecoming dance last week. That was a big night. And then Maggie is in her last year of Junior High — the 8th grade rules the school now until they switch campuses, so she’s in a great place. And little Audrey sort of runs the whole house.”

And Tim already knows what he’s going to do when his girls start dating. “My deal is the nicest kid that shows up, I’m just going to knock him out,” he noted. “So if I do that to the nicest kid, the rest of them [will be on it].”

Tim has also learned a few tips about being a parent from the father roles he’s played in movies “I’ve played a couple of dads,” he shared with us. “I think I’ve probably taken something away. Usually you take things of what not to do.”

“This role [in Dirty Girl] for me was pretty realistic for me,” he said. “It was close to me. I had a real similar life as a kid so I could relate to it, relate to the journey and relate to sort of trying to discover a little bit of who you are and it not working out the way you wanted it to in some cases.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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