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'The Lying Game' Scoop: A 'Juicy' Secret About Justin Will Be Revealed Tonight!

Mon, October 3, 2011 3:42pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment

Plus, Allie Gonino hints that Laurel hasn’t been totally honest with her family — or the audience. What do you think she’s hiding?

Laurel Mercer has always been the shining example of what a daughter should be — until now. Allie Gonino tells that sweet little Laurel might be taking a cue from her big sister, or at least the girl she thinks is her big sister, on the Oct. 3 episode of The Lying Game. “You have to watch tonight’s episode to find out what really happened [between Lauren and Justin last week],” Allie says. “Laurel is maybe starting to lie a little bit herself.”

“It’s a really good episode tonight,” Allie continues. “A lot of stuff gets resolved, but a lot of new stuff is also introduced.”

And speaking of “new stuff,” it sounds like there’s more to Justin (Randy Wayne) than a perfect smile, a sleeping bag, and an empty bank account.

“At the very end of the episode, you’ll find out something new about Justin,” she reveals. “It’s really juicy new information. … I don’t think your opinion of Justin will change, but you’ll definitely find out how he fits into the overall story.”

So what do you think Justin’s big secret could be? Head to the comments section with your theories!

— Andy Swift

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And here’s a preview of tonight’s episode:

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