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Key Comments: You Guys Really, Really, REALLY Want Chuck To Be Blair's Baby Daddy!

Wed, September 28, 2011 5:55pm EDT by 112 Comments

Many of you have commented and made your opinions clear: you want Chuck Bass to be the father of Blair’s baby! But what about Dan or Louis? Read what your fellow Hollywoodlifers had to say.

We gave you a hint to why the father of Blair Waldorf‘s baby could be Chuck Bass (other than the obvious reason that starts with one and ends with night stand), and you shared your thoughts on who you wanted the Gossip Girl dad to be. Personally, I think this should be filed under the category of “Duh” but most of you are hoping for a Bass baby!

Basically the Chair-shippers will (of course) only be satisfied if Chuck is the father. They think Prince Louis is a) a guest star and b) boring so he couldn’t possibly be the dad. Which, although good points, doesn’t mean that technically Louis and Blair couldn’t have created a baby. Louis did point out in this week’s premiere that they’d spent the last few weeks in the bedroom.

Here are some of your best comments:

  • Elizabeth: I’m thinking it’s a baby Bass. Louis doesn’t seem man enough to get the job done at this point. (Does he even have a spine?)
  • Megan: It better be Chuck and Blair’s baby because I need Chair babies in bow ties in bow ties or headbands either one. I will love the kid no matter if it a boy or girl
  • Laura: Chuck better be the father of Blair’s baby. I’ll be pissed if they make it Louis’s kid. Blair’s first baby should be with Chuck. Absolutely. (Editor’s note: First baby? So do her second and third go to Louis and Dan respectively?)
  • Hannah Jo: I totally agree with you that Chuck will be affected by Blair’s pregnancy either way, but being the father would be such a great incentive for him to mature and become the man his father never was. Here’s hoping!
  • Bonnie: I want it to be Chuck’s because the other options are terrible and who doesn’t want the spawn of Chuck and Blair running around!? I sure do! havoc!
  • Justina: Can you imagine? They would be super sneaky and manipulative but gorgeous too. Also filthy rich of course. They definitely need to have a baby
  • Nina: It would only make sense for it to be Chuck’s because sticking Blair with a baby from that boring prince would just be so dumb. Plus, where would the drama be?
  • harumscarum: chuck is DEFINITELY the father and not only because fate ships chair! it’s because it doesn’t make sense to get blair pregnant with a guest star that no one particularly likes and who will be gone eventually anyway.

My coworker Andy Swift would like to see Dan Humphrey as the baby daddy. And while the Chair-shippers were appalled, some fans didn’t mind the idea … although things did get heated.

  • Asia: I’m a Blair fan, so as long as the Baby storyline is positive for Blair’s character development I don’t think it matters who the baby-daddy is. Saying that though, it is the Dair storyline that’s got me hooked on this show! Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic and like the thought of the Nice guy getting the girl in the end (and prefer nice-guy Dan to the Prince). I’m sure (ex?) bad-boy Chuck has the potential to change into Mr.Right, but sadly I’m bored of the Chair R/S. So I hope this season GG will “Dare to Dair”
  • Manu: Oh, and Andy, don’t believe the poll… Chairios literally gather on boards to come up with ways to cheat on them; as I always say, they act just like their ~master~ would.
  • Vanillalatte86: Excuses, Excuses. Why does Chuck always trend when GG is on? Dan never trends. Are you suggesting we cheated there too? Are you also suggesting that Dair fans are incapable of “cheating?” Just face we win all the polls because there are more Chair fans than Dair fans.

Uh-oh it’s Chair versus Dair, although (and I’m not just saying this because I adore Chuck and Blair) the Chair fans are taking over HollywoodLife in a big way. Poor horribly-accented Louis, he’s getting no love. Watch, if he’s the dad … I don’t even want to go there. Hell hath no fury like a Gossip Girl fan scorned.

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